find & restore

this page is to show what i find & restore but some will be just finds. they will be Labeled finr or restore or both. 


Find & restore 

                                 I found this little sweetie at the salvation army thrift store. for 2.00$ she is super cute. I did some research & found out she is a uneeda doll
& 11.50 on Amazon. Dumb Blogger It loaded the photo up side ways.
                                  Her hair was a rat's nest.
                                    came with no shoes.
                                         a little dirt on her face & eyes needed cleaning.
                                 the skirt comes off in the back with velcro
                                          and reveals a gymnastics leotard
                                           the skirt 
                                    then the leotard velcors in the back too

                                          full outfit

                                  her head band sorry but i took it off before i took the photo & don't know how to put it back on but i can find out how

 i got her hair wet  & put a little baby shampoo in it then wash My Mom washed her hair in the sink .

                                   Start at the bottom of the head put her hair in a ponytail on top  of her head & brush the first row of earplugs go all the way to the top.

                                  brush it with the AG doll pick to keep the  curl

                                     after a while put her hair back up in a ponytail wrap her up in a towel like shown & let her hair dry and your done.
                                               She's Finished
                                                 with her sister too.

Itsy bitsy 


 All so cute
                                             Snow white


Find & Restore

Warning: nude doll If you do not want to see nude doll Photos Just skip This.
 This is my newest find Judy Hathaway. I found her at the crossing Thrift store for 0.50. she is so cute. No information about her yet.
                                                    This is what she looks like with no clothes.
                                                   Her sweet little face.
                                                         Her back says Made in China.
                                                    There were these line on her belly.
                                                     There's A mark on her one leg.
                                                    Her hair and never had been taken out.
                                                        No Recent Photos.

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