Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Mystery Princess Part 1

                                               The Mystery Princess part 1

                                                    "Juliet come on were going to be late". Said My best friend Jane.
                                                   "I'm coming" I said while running to catch up with Jane.
While we were walking to school A women came up to us.
 "Pardon Me" She said With a bit of an accent. "Do one of you know a Juliet Andrea Brown".
  I was surprised. She was looking for me. what did she want? I didn't know But I didn't Want to take any chances But then Jane Piped up & Said "she's Juliet Brown If your looking for her". "Yes I am" The lady said "I need you to come with me'. "Why" I said. Why does She want me i thought. "I am a helper of the king" She said. Uh-oh what do i do now I thought. "& I need you to come with me" She said Again. Well I thought better not agrue with a helper of a king even if he's not alive any more. so then I decided I should just go with Her. So I said "All right I'll go with you". "good" She said. So i said goodbye to Jane & went with the lady.
"Come along" she said. & I followed.
                                                       To be continued.....       
                           So what ya think of my first Photoseries? If you want me to keep going with the story VOTE. If you don't want me to VOTE.              BYE

Saturday, June 27, 2015

About the mystery Princess

Okay guys yeah when i said a few minutes. I didn't now it was going to be a few days. so can you guys wait a few days. PLEASE. Cause I'm pretty busy right now. SEE YA BYE

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

i was grounded

Hey guys sorry That I didn't post since wensday. I was grounded. From the computer my phone & well my camera. But before that I got the pictures to part 1 of the mystery Princess. I'll put it up in a few.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

book 2.My Girl 2

                                                          2. My Girl 2
Thirteen-Year-old Vada Sultenfuss is being kicked out of her room because her stepmother, Shelly, is about to have a baby. Her friend Judy's in love with a jerk. And even thought Vada's best friend Thomas J died two years ago, she still misses him. But it's not just the outside world that's changing.Suddenly, Vada's beginning to wonder whether she'd rather write a really good poem---or get a really good kiss.
                                                                         Then Vada gets the chance to visit Uncle Phil in Los Angeles---and maybe find more about her mother, who Died when Vada was born. Her only guide to the sprawling city is a boy with an attitude problem---Nick, her Uncle Phil's almost stepson, who acts like it's pure torture to show her around L.A. But in this strange land of sun and palms, Vada will make some amazing discoveries...

Monday, June 15, 2015

Book 1.Fear street R.L.Stine Halloween party

                         1. Fear street R.L.Stine Halloween party
The invitation arrived in a black-bordered envelope. Inside, the card showed a coffin with the inscription "Reserved For You." It was perfectly fitting for an all-night Halloween Party on feat street. But Terry and his girlfriend Niki wondered why they had been invited. They barely knew Justine Cameron, the beautiful and mysterious transfer student who was throwing the Party.
                                   The Party was well under way when the lights went out. That's to be expected at a spooky Halloween Party. But when the lights came back on, there was that boy on the floor with a knife in his back. Just a Halloween Prank? Maybe. Maybe not.
              For Terry and Niki the Trick-or-Treat has turned to a terror. To their, They realize that someone at the Costume party is dressed to kill!

Books from my Aunt

Hey Guys Yesterday I got some books from her. I just wanted you all to know what The Were I will put them all into separate post's each for different book They each will Have the cover as their name & one will be up in a few minutes.

I'm back

Hey guys I'm back. I really got home yesterday but I was just so sleepy. I just didn't. I didn't get many pictures cause have way there my phone died so I couldn't. plus I didn't think to ask my parents to use theirs, well gotta go. BYE

Friday, June 12, 2015

I won't post till sunday night

yeah Guys I'm going on a trip with my family this weekend but this will be a quick post cause i have to go like right now But I am taking a doll McKenna but when I get back i will have photos & storys BYE

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Fixing for a friend doll 1 part 3

Here is part THREE. Yeah took A while to put up but it's up now
The surprise was gonna be that her hair would be in curls. But the curls didn't stay in. But here here is the taking out of the hair Curlers.
The first one taken out.
Looks like I forgot to take a picture of this one out.

The last ones.
What do you think?

Even thought Emily has gone back to her owner she is always welcome at our home. plus other then this I have a few news. First My Dad put the computer back & I can get the pictures. Second I almost have Grace Thomas. I only have 4 More dollars till Grace. I just can't wait. Third I'm trying to start selling Jewelry Local. Well gotta go BYE.

Sunday, June 7, 2015


Hey guys New give away At AgFan. See her at This link.

Hey Guys I need help

Okay this is NOTHING doll related. I've been starting early on Christmas shopping & I need Ideas For Star wars Lego sets for Someone I just need Ideas for Cheap Starwars Lego sets I got a few Ideas. But I could use all the help & Ideas. But I won't Relase Who I'm getting it for & after I collect All the Ideas. By Next week I will Have a vote on what it could be but I need At least A Idea & when time starts to vote I need at least There diferents Things voted On other then the same thing. But For any of the ideas Even if there not Star wars I'm open to. But... I'm in a money Range. The price range is 19 & lower Please I really need Ideas.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Can't get my photos.

Hey Guys so My Dad switched the computers so I can't get to the photo's I need cause the wrong computer is hooked up. So when it hooked up I'll get back to posting.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

what I think about Our Generation part 4

                                Our Generation Deluxe Outfit - Velvet Dress w/ Fur Shawl 14.99
  1. This darling ensemble features a deep blue velvet dress with a lavender peeking hem, 
  2. a faux fur shrug with a silk bow, 
  3. a pretty pearl hair clip,
  4.  a sparkly silver purse 
  5. and sweet bowed slippers to tie it all together.
               My thoughts
Just love it. But it does look a LOT Like an AG Christmas holiday Dress. It Totally reminds about it.
                                     Our Generation Deluxe Eyelet Dress Outfit 14.99
  1. 1 dress, 
  2. 1 shrug, 
  3. 1 bag 
  4. and 1 pair of sandals.
        My thoughts
Ribbons on the shoes great Idea NOT. Who wants to have shoes the tie IN THE BACK. Other then that I'm completely fine with the outfit.
                                            Our Generation Deluxe Flowy Dress Outfit 14.99
  1. 1 dress, 
  2. 1 purse, 
  3. 1 pair of shoes, 
  4. 2 flower hair pins 
  5. and 1 faux pearl bracelet.
               My Thoughts
I have to say I just Love it. I love it all. BUT the shoes do not match exactly.
                                    Our Generation Deluxe Outfit - Fleur Ever And Ever 14.99
  1. a floral dress, 
  2. shrug, 
  3. handbag,
  4. 2 Hair claws in pink & Grey 
  5. and fabric shoes.  
                     My thoughts
This is cut. But I really like the detail They put into this outfit . It also looks like the PERFECT dress for Lucy.
                                        Our Generation Deluxe Outfit - Gold Dress w/ Mouse Purse 14.99
  1. This dainty little number features a pretty pearl necklace 
  2. and bracelet, 
  3. a dazzling gold mouse purse,
  4.  glittery pink shoes, 
  5. a gold sparkle dress with a tiered hem
  6. and a smart pink jacket to tie it all together.
                My thoughts
The Dress is TOTALLY Beautiful. The necklace is like well A gold Pearl necklace With a Bracelet the same as the Necklace.
                  Our Generation Deluxe Outfit - Lace Dress 14.99
  1. a purple lace dress with flutter sleeves 
  2. and a white textured shrug. 
  3. purple bow ballet flats 
  4. and a matching leopard print purse
             My thoughts
This is adorable there is a tiny bow on the purse & there may be a flower that you can pick witch one you want to put on. Plus the jacket looks a lot Like the Old MAG dolls from AG had. 
                       Our Generation Deluxe Outfit - Deluxe Outfit - Party Whirl 14.99
  1. a delightful purple sleeveless party dress with a flower at the waist 
  2. and a matching short-sleeve shrug. 
  3. purple velvet ballet flats 
  4. and a classy string of white pearls. 
                      My thoughts
this is just awesome I have been looking for a purple dress like this to ether get for a friend or my self.

Well what do you think? tell me your thoughts in the comments Below. Read Comment Follow.                       BYE

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


EEEEEEEEHHHHHHHH I CAN NOT BELIEVE IT... ( Taking deep breaths). okay here goes... I have $120 for Grace Thomas GOTY 2015. All I have left is $16 more dollars & I get Grace WITH Ear piercing. I just can not believe then I have a few more things I may have some photos somewhere (looking for pictures) ( Typing away on the computer) sorry I just say that I don't have any Pictures today I WILL get more up soon. Okay so I have to go now so BYE

The doll house

Hey guys I was over at the dollhouse to day & she is just amazing check her out at                             
she is just awesome so I am giving both a shout out to her & Tagging her deadline 23. so here are your Qustions & picture but remember you have to come up with your own picture if you have to tag some one else.
  1.  how long have you been Blogging?
  2. Which historical doll is your favorite?
  3. Which GOTY doll is your favorite?
  4. Do you like blogging? 
  5. How many dolls do you have that are 18in?
  6. Tag 3 people
then put in your picture now go over to Keira's Blog & Comment.