Saturday, November 7, 2015

McKenna goes to boarding school

                   Going to boarding school
                                                   Told by McKenna Brooks
I had been trying FOREVER to get into Alabama Boarding school. But now I finally made it.
 Leah (The doll) had just dropped me off at the airport & left. I wasn't so surprised when she didn't help me. Cause I really haven't done anything with any of the girls lately.
I finally got all my stuff inside the airport.
I looked all over & finally found one of those push cart thingies.
I got all my stuff inside of the push cart.
                                      Then I found the ticket lady & asked when My plane would be taking off. she told me it would take off at 5:00. "Five o'clock its almost four Sixty" I said. "Well You better hurry up then" said the ticket lady.
I got on the plane. & found a empty seat.
So I sat down.
I must of fell asleep on the plane.
Fortunately I woke up at just the right stop.
 So I got off.

I had got a bus & had the driver drive me to the school.
When I got there I had to sign in.
The lady stamped me off the list & told me my room was room 306. So I walked off to find the room she told me I was in.
 I went into my room to find a bunk bed.
 Looked like the room mate I'm was with already took the top bunk.
 I put the blanket on the mattress.
 Then The Pillow.
 I heard the door open & close. My room mate walked in. With a stunning Resemblance to Lucy.
 "Hi I'm Katrina"She said.
 "Hello I'm McKenna" I said "Wanna sit".
 "Sure" said Katrina.
 And she plopped down.
"Do you know where some hangers are" I Asked.
"Yes" she told me "I'll go get them"
She stood up
& walked over to the closet.
 She came back with a few hangers.
 Set them on the bed.
And sat on the floor & said "You hand me your clothes & I hang them up".
 "Okay if you insist" I replyed. I opened my box & handed her some clothes.
 My first outfit.
 She took a hanger hung it on.
 And started a pile on the floor.
 I set My black bag off to the side to do later. Cause all I had was the books I was going to use.
 I handed her my pj's (Yes I hang up my pj's). "Wow these must be warm in the winter" Said Katrina. "They are" I agreed.
 I handed her a dress. "Man I have the same dress as this except in pink and I left it at home" she exclaimed.
 I handed her a jumper & shirt.
 Plus Little vest.
 which she hung as well. "your clothes are so cute" she told me "we could mi 'n' match are clothes". "All right" I replyed. I looked at the time. "We have to go to dinner now" I said. "Let's go then' said Katrina.
I got off the bed & we walked to dinner together.

I hoped you liked it Mckenna will be coming home during a few holidays. BUT there are new dolls awaiting so SEE YA

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