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should I or should i not

everyone I'm am going to ask you all something. Should I Recommend blogs? tell me in the comments. you could also give me some ideas of what blogs I should do. I'll do it every once a week. Bye

Sunday, March 29, 2015


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Friday, March 27, 2015

Bible - Quizzing

I have to do Bible-Quizzing. Tomorrow and I didn't get enough time to practice I kept losing the pamphlet, and having to get another. well I have to go to bed now. prayers would help a lot. Oh and one more thing before I go I have something to say there may not be a post tomorrow morning. see ya

A School Photostory

This is my second Photo story EVER. Here's a list on who plays who.
                                            Brown head : Mckenna
                                            Blond head in a Pony tail and also in orange : Leah
                                            curly blond in pink dress : Caroline
                                            messy blond who is with Caroline : Jenny
Mckenna walked into school one Day and sees Leah she walks over to her and says Hi Leah sup. But Leah wasn't listening she was watching something across the room ....  
Caroline had just gotten Violet to go in to her class ( She's in preschool ) she's pretty hard to get to go into her class. 
Then Leah said Hi Mckenna what's up. Nothing much said Mckenna kicking at the floor. Then Leah said lets go get my bags. OK said Mckenna.
They got her bags and then Leah said you Carrie them. Mckenna said Whoa this is pretty hard to juggle along with my books. Shut up Said Leah.
When they got back to their spot Caroline and Jenny noticed them. they all looked about if they were going to have a fight. But then the bell rang time for another day of school. Every one groaned cause most of them hate school unless it's their favorite subject.
they all ran to the door of their class room.
Mckenna sat down at her seat.
So did Leah, Caroline and Jenny.
Their teacher was very happy to see them.
Then they learned and learned and learned in till.
The lunch bell rang they ate their food then they had to leave. Caroline and Jenny left. Then Mckenna and Leah left. then their teacher left. The end
what do you think should I do more? tell me in the comments. Bye

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Judy's profile

Judy is finished even thought I have no recent photos. her profile will be up in meet the dolls. Just click here. See ya soon Leah

Should I make Jewelry and sell it?

I have a question for you all. Should I make Jewelry and sell it on a page called the buy jewelry page. if not what other name should it be called? Comment me what you think below. bye

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What i think about Our Generation Part 1

Yes I know I just did one yesterday. but I so wanted to do another. Ok here goes.
                                              Our Generation Deluxe Retro L'il Miss Dah-ling Outfit $11.89
  •  Includes fabulous 50's-inspired red gingham print dress,
  •  matching scarf, 
  • lacey look sweater,
  •  red shoes and sunglasses.
              My thoughts.
This looks cute but it needs A necklace. Lucy would look great in this.

                                             Our Generation Deluxe Retro Outfit - Gotta Bowl $11.89
  • Our Generation Deluxe Retro Outfit - Gotta Bowl. This adorable outfit with a vintage flair fits Our Generation Dolls as well as any other 18" doll. Perfect for wearing to the bowling alley or the drive-in, this irresistible red, black, white and pink Our Generation outfit includes a sporty letter jacket in red and white, 
  • a pink tank for wearing underneath 
  • and slim-fitting jeans. 
In addition to the charming doll clothes which are easy to take on and off, this set also includes totally retro red, white and black bowling shoes and a perfectly sized purple bowling ball. 
                                My Thoughts
Danielle would totally wear this. But not The PINK tank top.
                                        Our Generation Deluxe Retro Outfit - Blue Lace Dress $11.89
  • Our Generation Deluxe Retro Outfit - Blue Lace Dress. This adorable six-piece outfit with a vintage flair fits Our Generation Dolls as well as any other 18" doll. Perfect for wearing to parties and tea with the girls.
  •  this irresistible blue and yellow Our Generation outfit includes an elegant blue lace dress with yellow underlay 
  • and a matching blue cardigan with a luxurious gold and red rose closure.
  •  In addition to the charming doll clothes which are easy to take on and off. 
  • this set also includes a sweet matching yellow headband. 
  • red beaded bracelet.
  • sparkly blue shoes with.
  • attached lace socks.
                                        My thoughts 
Just to know I do have this dress and recommend  it.
                                       Our Generation Deluxe Retro Outfit - Pink Suit w Hat  $11.89
  • Our Generation Deluxe Retro Outfit - Pink Suit w Hat. This adorable outfit with a vintage flair fits Our Generation Dolls as well as any other 18" doll. Perfect for wearing to the office, parties and tea with the girls. this irresistible pink and white tweed Our Generation outfit includes.
  • an elegant pencil skirt.
  •  matching jacket.
  • a retro pillbox hat with a veil.
  •  In addition to the charming doll clothes which are easy to take on and off, this set also includes.
  •  white gloves.
  •  brown shoes.
  •  and a sparkly gold and white clutch.
                              My thoughts
I think this looks like you were going to Church *Laugh* But way over dressed.

                                       Our Generation Deluxe Retro Outfit - Polka Dot Dress $11.89
  • Our Generation Deluxe Retro Outfit - Polka Dot Dress. This adorable outfit with a vintage flair fits Our Generation Dolls as well as any other 18" doll. Perfect for wearing to parties and tea with the girls, this irresistible pink and white Our Generation outfit includes.
  • an elegant pink and white polka dot dress with.
  • a luxurious fur stole.
  • and pink satiny gloves with bows. 
  • In addition to the charming doll clothes which are easy to take on and off, this set also includes.
  •  a string of classic pearls.
  • a bronze patent purse.
  • and white ballet flats.
                                  My thoughts 
Again I have this dress and recommend this one too.
                         Our Generation Deluxe Retro Outfit - Purple FloralDress $11.89
  •   Our Generation Deluxe Retro Outfit - Purple Floral Dress is a great addition to your little girl's doll wardrobe. This adorable outfit with a vintage flair fits Our Generation Dolls as well as any other 18" doll. Perfect for wearing to picnics, parties and tea with the girls, this irresistible floral Our Generation outfit includes.
  • a charming fit-and-flare lavender flowered dress. 
  • white tights. 
  • and matching lavender gloves. 
  • In addition to the delightful doll clothes which are easy to take on and off, this set also includes white maryjanes. 
  • a white and purple purse. 
  • and silver sparkly hair bows.
                                        My thoughts 
This looks so cute But there should be Flowers on the shoes. But I think this would be great for Leah too.
                                   Our Generation Deluxe Retro Outfit Two-riffic Twin Set $11.89
  •  This Deluxe Retro Two-Riffic Twin Set outfit is designed for 18-inch Our Generation dolls. Fresh and feminine, it features a cute diamond-patterned skirt.
  •  a white and purple twinset.
  •  A matching hair bow.
  •  and black patent shoes are the perfect accessories for this 1950s-inspired outfit. Ten cents of every Our Generation purchase goes towards Free the Children's Power of a Girl initiative.
                                      My thoughts  
This looks so cute but I wish there were Design on the Bow.

So what do you think ? tell me in the comments Below. Bye


Today is Alejandra's Birthday she is 10 today. Happy birthday Alejandra. Danielle's
Birthday is next. Yay even thought I don't have a present I only have dolls and she is not a Girly type. well SEE YA

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


I HAVE A NEW FIND IN FIND & RESTORE. I got a new two new dolls on March 3rd. This year I found a doll about Charlotte's Size and a Little Mermaid Ariel Barbie. I just got to work on the doll about Charlotte's size TODAY. Her name is Judy Hathaway. No sisters yet. to see her in progress go just click here. SEE YA for now

Welcome readers

Welcome Readers thank you all for coming to read my blog but I do have a Rule. There is no sharing my blog with other people. but if my mom is ok with it and you tell me there Email address I may be able to add them to my readers list. Thank you Thank you Thank you for coming to read my blog. SEE YA for now

Monday, March 23, 2015

What I think About The new Beforever Samantha Part 1

Here is the new Beforever  Samantha stuff. I like it But I don't like it.


                                                         Samantha's Bedtime Accessories $44
  • An album full of mementos—it has a pretty floral cover and includes reproductions of real postcards from New York and Paris from the early 20th century, as well as pieces of art from her era
  • A music box that Uncle Gard gave her; it really works and plays a pretty lullaby by Mozart
  • A miniature version of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz—first published in 1900, this book still enchants young girls today!
  • Her beloved teddy bear—named after President “Teddy” Roosevelt, teddy bears were very popular in 1904
                             My Thoughts
I love it. But the teddy bear Reminds me to much of the old Bitty Baby ones.
                                                         Samantha's Hairstyling Set $22
  • A faux-silver brush modeled on real antique brushes from the early 1900s
  • A pretty pink-and-white striped bow
  • A boater hat with a pretty rosette
                              My Thoughts
I like the hair brush. But the hat and Bow are just to little Girlish.


                                         Danger in Paris: A Samantha Mystery $9.99
                                                                       Story line
Samantha and Nellie are thrilled to visit Paris with Grandmary and the Admiral! But what could be behind the Admiral's secret government meetings? After a suspicious accident and a break-in at their hotel suite, the girls are worried. Is someone trying to harm their beloved grandfather and stop his secret mission? Includes a glossary of French words and an "Inside Samantha's World" essay about tourism and international tensions in Europe in the early 1900s. 224 pages. Paperback. Author: Sarah Masters Buckey. Ages 8+
                                        My Thoughts
 Sounds good to me Since I love to read.
                                                    Lost and Found: A Samantha Classic 2 $9.99
                                                                     Story line
 Samantha is thrilled that her Uncle Gard has gotten married—and even more thrilled to spend time with her new aunt’s ten-year-old twin sisters. But when the girls’ adventures lead to danger, they make some surprising discoveries about Samantha’s past. Then Samantha learns that Nellie and her sisters are in serious trouble. Samantha sets her sights on saving them before it’s too late.
                 My Thoughts
Also sounds Good to me.

 Doll Clothes

                                                         Samantha's Bicycling Outfit $34
  • Houndstooth-checked bloomers
  • A pretty white eyelet blouse with long puffed sleeves
  • A wide straw hat with a grosgrain ribbon
  • Removable gaiters to help keep her legs from getting dirty
  • A pink hairbow to pull back her long locks
                                        My Thoughts
This looks Totally Samantha but could do without the big pink bow. I think this would be cute on Lucy.

                                                         Samantha's Fancy Coat Set $34
  •  A warm, soft coat with a drop waist, smart black buttons on the side, and a velvet bow on the waistband
  • A cozy velvet hat, which has fancy faux-fur trim to match the coat’s collar
  • Dainty white gloves
                                  My Thoughts
So Cute. Totally Samantha.
                                                         Samantha's Flower-Picking Set $38
  • A pale pink dress featuring a fold-over collar with frilly lace trim, a satin waistband with a side bow, and a printed sprinkling of dark-pink flowers 
  • A pair of soft black stockings  
  • Two-tone buttoned boots 
  • A satin hairbow
  • A basket of pretend flowers
                         My Thoughts
Really Cute. BUT WHY SO PINK.

Doll Furniture

                                                         Samantha's Bed & Bedding $150
  •  A white wooden bed with fancy flowers and faux caning details
  • A luxurious canopy that drapes over the extra-tall headboard
  • A pretty white bedspread with floral embroidery and lace trim
  • A round bolster pillow with button accents
  • A satiny pink mattress and pillow
                   My Thoughts
This is to girly for Samantha.


                                               Samantha™ Doll & 3-Book Boxed Set $135
  • A petal-pink dress with a layer of sheer dotted mesh on top, a lace hem and View Girl Size Chart collar, short puff sleeves, and a burgundy velvet sash
  • White tights
  • White bloomers
  • Black Mary Jane shoes
  • A burgundy ribbon for her hair
The 18" Samantha doll has a huggable cloth body, and her movable head and limbs are made of smooth vinyl. Includes the boxed set of Samantha’s paperback novels, Manners and Mischief: A Samantha Classic 1, Lost and Found: A Samantha Classic 2, and The Lilac Tunnel: My Journey with Samantha.
My Thoughts        
Great kinda.

Girls Clothes

                                                        Lacy Tee & Tiered Skirt for Girls $25 – 58
Inspired by Samantha's Flower-Picking Set, this outfit includes a lacy short-sleeved shirt and a pale-pink skirt with a flower print and three tiers. Tee: cotton/polyester. Imported. Lilac. Sizes XS-XL. Skirt: cotton/spandex. Imported. Lilac. Sizes 6-16.
           My Thoughts

All Photos From AG
There are 2 more parts to this so SEE YA


I am working on a post about the new Beforever Samantha Stuff. yeah I know from reading her old books she doe's not like wearing girlie stuff, much. well got to go get that post done. Oh and yestrday I got to see the new Cinderella movie. In theaters. Oh yeah uh hu YES.

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I'm Sorry for not posting lately I've Just Been Busy With home work. I DO HAVE POSTS' IN THE WORKS.

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A sorry & My 50th post

I'm sorry that. I didn't post monday or tuesday or blah blah blah. well I'm back now. But YAY I'st my 50th post I am going to do a giveaway later on in the next post is whats going to be in it. Thank you for reading thought mostly was my every day rambles. Well got to go take the pics for the Giveaway See ya Leah.

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Updates & taking a break

Hi yeah I have a few Updates. If you guys want more to this blog well your just going to hang back for a while. I'm going to take a break. so no Post's until sunday all right. I am not quiting. But if you want more posts you are  going to have to wait. But there is going to be more posts if you wait unlike my brother. SEE YA SUNDAY Leah

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I found them

I found the rest of the Harpers first photoshoot Pics & here they are.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Harpers First photo shoot

there are more but they didn't show up in my photos.

What I think about the new Bitty Baby Part 2

I know that it was last month when I did it. I was thinking I should maybe do one like once a week what do you think? In till I finish all the Bitty Baby stuff, all right. Now if you don't remember who was who then here.                                          Me : Red
                                      Chris : Orange 
                                   Maisey : Blue
                             Emmaline : Purple
                                     Ok lets get this show on the road. I just love that line from Mulan. Ka lets start with the Bitty Baby Dolls.

 Bitty Babys

                                                              Bitty Baby 4 60$
                                                         I think she is really cute.
                                                         He likes her. LOL
                                                         Nice. Lol
                                                         She likes her Pjs. Lol
                                                         Bitty Baby 5 60$
                                                         Just as cute.
                                                        And her. LOL
                                                         Nice. Lol
                                                         She likes her head. Lol
                                                         Bitty Baby 6 60$
                                                         Not as cute as the others.
                                                         And her. LOL
                                                         Nice. Lol
                                                         And her head. LOL
                                                         Bitty Baby 7 $60
                                                         And her.
                                                         She likes her Pj's.
                                                         She likes her.
                                                         Bitty Baby 8 $60
                                                         And her.
                                                         And her's.
                                                         And Her.
                                                         Bitty Baby 9 $60
                                                         And her.
                                                         And Her's.
                                                         And her.
                                                         Bitty Baby 10 $60
                                                         And her.
                                                         And her's.
                                                         And her.
                                                        Bitty Baby 11 $60
                                                        And Her.
                                                        And her's. What's going on with them?
                                                        And her.
Here are the Girls clothes.

Bitty Baby girls clothes

                                                         Pastel Carousel Outfit for Little Girls  20 - 52$
                                                         Twirly Tiered Outfit for Girls $12 – 60

                                                        Bitty Lambie PJ's & Slippers for Girls $22 – 60

                                                        Cuddly Star Pajamas for Girls $38

                                                         Pretty Picnic Outfit for Girls $22 – 64

                                                         Pretty Picnic Outfit for Girls $22 – 64

                                                         Purple Posies Outfit for Girls $24 – 58

                                                         Sugar & Spice Dress for Girls $48

                                                         Sunny & Sweet Swim Outfit for Girls $14 – 50

                                                         Teatime Outfit for Girls $28 – 88

 Bath stuff

                                                         Duck Bathrobe $18
                                                         I Like it. But Blue & yellow For real. 
                                                         I also think that the other have had enough of saying what they like about this AG at stuff. so for now I'm just doing it.
 And the doll clothes

Bitty Baby Doll Clothes

                                                         Basics Sweet Dots Top for Doll  $10
                                                         I think this would be really cute on violet.
                       Basics Elephant Leggings for Dolls $14 
                         This would too with the Pants up there.
                                                         Fresh Blooms Set  $40 Back ordered until April
                                                         Felicity Would look Really cute In this.
                                                         Prima Ballerina Outfit for Dolls $18 – 44
                                                         Lucy Would look great in this.
                                                         Ribbons & Ruffles Outfit for Dolls $28
                                                          Leah Would love this dress.
                                                         Sparkle Sweetie Set $40
                                                         Again for Felicity.
                                                         Twirly Tiered Dress for Dolls $28
                                                          This would be perfect for Harper.
                                                         Bitty Lambie PJ's for Dolls $26
                                                         These would be Harper's Pjs.
                                                         Tiny Toile Set $40
                                                          Again for Felicity.
                                                         Dotty Coat Set for Dolls $24
                                                         Mix & Match Teatime Set $42
                                                         this would work great this summer with sum of my other doll clothes.
                                                         Little Leopard Snowsuit $28
                                                         For Felicity this winter.
                                                         Pretty Picnic Outfit $26
                                                         Molly would look cute in this.
                                                         Purple Posies Outfit for Dolls $24
                                                         For Molly again.
                                                         Sunny & Sweet Swimsuit for Dolls $26
                                                        For Felicity She really needs a swim suit.
                                                         Sugar & Spice Outfit for Dolls $28
                                                        Ok Lucy would look cute in this.

Ok, thats all we are going to go thought tonight. All photos from American Girl. SEE YA SOON LEAH NAY