Saturday, March 7, 2015


Hi I'm Leahs Barbie doll Janya & I know She Has More Of them some were. But In till then unless She Finds one soon Dominick & I May End up Adopting one of Them cause they need Homes. but in till then She Has a shelf that she is going to turn it in to a An adoption center. Wich one do you think We should Adopt.

                                                          Or Josefina.
Please Help!   yours Truly Janya


  1. I love them all!! But, Stacey looks the most like you, Jayna. So, maybe you should adopt her.

  2. Hi Lisa. Thanks for the tip I'll talk to Domainick about it but thanks. If you don't know who he is just look at the Dee family over at Barbies. Thanks.
    yours truly Janya
    P.s. I use my owners profile.


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