Thursday, March 5, 2015

Mini Ceclie PhotoStory

Hi this was so post To be up Be for new years ugh Well Here It Is

                                            Ccom Neweclie  Went To See The house One day
                                         She Found A Pillow & Climbed It
                                         She Saw The Tree & wanted To Climb It But Wasn't High Enough
                                   So She asked Me If I Could Stack More Pillow's & I Said Yes
                                         She Climbed Them
       Taking A Little rest
                                         Now For The Tree
                                         On The Tree

                                          Wow That's A long Way Down
                                         A Long Way Up To 
                                                   almost there.
                                                   YES she got to the top.
                                               Uh Oh   AHHHHHHH......... Sreamed cecile.
                                                    But thankfuly Mckenna Was There to the rescue.

                                             What do you think of my first PhotoStory? I hope you Like it. I ment to have it up in December, and Before our tree was taken down.  BYE BYE
                                                                                         Leah Nay SEE YA

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