Friday, March 27, 2015

A School Photostory

This is my second Photo story EVER. Here's a list on who plays who.
                                            Brown head : Mckenna
                                            Blond head in a Pony tail and also in orange : Leah
                                            curly blond in pink dress : Caroline
                                            messy blond who is with Caroline : Jenny
Mckenna walked into school one Day and sees Leah she walks over to her and says Hi Leah sup. But Leah wasn't listening she was watching something across the room ....  
Caroline had just gotten Violet to go in to her class ( She's in preschool ) she's pretty hard to get to go into her class. 
Then Leah said Hi Mckenna what's up. Nothing much said Mckenna kicking at the floor. Then Leah said lets go get my bags. OK said Mckenna.
They got her bags and then Leah said you Carrie them. Mckenna said Whoa this is pretty hard to juggle along with my books. Shut up Said Leah.
When they got back to their spot Caroline and Jenny noticed them. they all looked about if they were going to have a fight. But then the bell rang time for another day of school. Every one groaned cause most of them hate school unless it's their favorite subject.
they all ran to the door of their class room.
Mckenna sat down at her seat.
So did Leah, Caroline and Jenny.
Their teacher was very happy to see them.
Then they learned and learned and learned in till.
The lunch bell rang they ate their food then they had to leave. Caroline and Jenny left. Then Mckenna and Leah left. then their teacher left. The end
what do you think should I do more? tell me in the comments. Bye


  1. I really enjoyed reading this! Thank you for sharing,

    1. And thank you for commenting, reading and following. Bye

  2. Why were they fighting? Love the preschool class!

    1. Well Mckenna & Leah really aren't fighting. It really is Leah & Mckenna Fight with Caroline. Leah is really Jealous of Caroline & got Mckenna on her side. Mckenna really doesn't know a thing. and Caroline got Jenny on her side since she was the only other girl their age in school.


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