Meet the dolls

hi everyone this page is for all the dolls I have & my sisters
                                         my 1st doll I got her with Molly
                                         full name: Felicity Lula White
                                         nicknames: Felix
                                         birthday: November 21
                                         favorite food: Banana baby food
                                         favorite subject in school:art
                                         favorite color: Pink
                                         favorite book:The very hungry Caterpillar
                                         favorite movie: learning to go Potty 
                                         favorite television show:Dora the Explorer
                                         hobbie: Watching TV , Coloring , Runing around screaming ( Doe's that count )
                                         favorite insect: Moth
                                         favorite animal: Doggies
                                         pets: None
                                         Age: 2
                                         type: Bitty Baby
                                         personality: crazy
                                         sisters: None
                                         Email: None
                                        my 2nd doll I got her with felicity
                                         full name: Molly Hazel Bane
                                         nicknames: none
                                         birthday: October 18th
                                         favorite food: Chicken noodle soup
                                         favorite subject in school: Reading
                                         favorite color: Dark blue
                                         favorite book: Good night moon
                                         favorite movie: Veggie Tales
                                         favorite television: Color Crew
                                         hobbie: Rock Colleting , helping the big girls out
                                         favorite insect: Caterpillar
                                         favorite animal: Turtles
                                         pets: Dog Honey
                                         type: Bitty twin
                                         allergies: None
                                         personality: High Spirited , Lends a helping hand , Really Nice , behaves Really well
                                         sisters: None
                                         Email: None                   
                                         Maisey's doll & is friends with Molly
                                         full name: Violet lane Robinson
                                         birthday:June 15th
                                         favorite food: Pb & J
                                         favorite subject in school: Reading
                                         favorite color:Purple
                                         favorite book: The alpha Pets
                                         favorite movie:Meet the colors
                                         favorite television show:Dora the explorer
                                         Hobie:Playing with her toys , coloring
                                         favorite animal:dogs
                                         favorite insect: flys
                                         pets:Dog pupils
                                         Age: 5
                                         type: Bitty Twin
                                         Email : None
                                         my third doll I got her for my 7th birth day.
                                         full name: Mckenna Jane Brooks
                                         nicknames: Mckalay
                                         birthday:february 1st
                                         favorite food:hamburger
                                         favorite subject in school: Reading
                                         favorite color:Blue
                                         favorite book: The Littles
                                         favorite movie: Mckenna shoots for the stars
                                         favorite television show: Agents of shield
                                         favorite animal: Horses
                                         favorite insect:moth
                                         pets:dog cooper
                                         type: Goty 2012
                                         personality:private, silly, outgoing
                                         sisters:two little Sister's Mara & Maisey
                                         Email: None
                                         Maisey's 2nd doll
                                         full name: Caroline bell Abbott
                                         nicknames: Carol
                                         birthday:January 16th
                                         favorite food: Salad
                                         favorite subject in school: history
                                         favorite color: Pink
                                         favorite book: Flat Stanley
                                         favorite movie: Cinderella
                                         favorite television show: My little pony
                                         favorite animal: bunnies
                                         favorite insect: ladybugs
                                         pets: Dog Pufils
                                         type: Beforever
                                         allergies: none
                                         personality: nice, a little attitude.
                                         sisters: one little sister violet
                                         Email: None
                                                 Emmalines doll
                                         full name: Jenny Lim Hazelrig
                                         nickname: Jen
                                         birthday: March 13th
                                         favorite food: Pb& J
                                         favorite subject in school: Sculpture Class
                                         favorite color: Purple
                                         favorite book: Arthur's tooth
                                         favorite movie: Spykids
                                         favorite television show: Wild Crats
                                         hobbie: Dance
                                         favorite animal: HummingBirds
                                         favorite insect: beetle
                                         pets: Cat Pounce
                                         Age: 9
                                         type: Our Generation Doll Jenny
                                         allergies: None
                                         personality: Nice, Caring
                                          Sisters: None
                                         Email : None

   my fourth doll I got her on her birthday. she was  for my birthday. but she was a best seller so i got her before my birthday.
                                         full name: Leah Linda Bloom
                                         nicknames: none
                                         birthday: September 18th
                                         Favorite food: maidrites
                                         Favorite subject in school: math
                                         Favorite color: Blue
                                         favorite book: Ann of green gables
                                         favorite movie: sleeping beauty
                                         favorite television show:  Young Justice
                                         hobbie: Gymnastics
                                         favorite animal: cats
                                         favorite insect: none
                                         pets: dog chewy
                                         age: 12
                                         type:my life as... party planner
                                         sisters:little sister Lucy
                                         email: none

                                         She Is My 5th Doll
                                         Full Name: Alejandra Delane Bane
                                         NickNames: None
                                         Birthday: March 25
                                         favorite food: Meatloaf
                                         Favorite Subject in school: writing
                                         favorite color: Red
                                         favorite Book:The Bible
                                         Favorite Movie: Beauty & the Beast
                                         favorite television Show: Ant Farm
                                         hobbie: Rock colleting
                                         favorite animal:Horses
                                         favorite Movie: 
                                         favorite insect: Moth
                                         Pets : Dog Honey
                                         Age: 10
                                         Type: OG (our generation)
                                         Allergies: none
                                         Personality: Loving, caring, nice,
                                         Sisters: Younger Sister Molly
                                         Email: None
                                          She Is My 6th Doll
                                         Full Name : Lucy Danielle Bloom
                                         NickNames : Lu
                                         Birthday: May 25th
                                         Favorite Food : Carrot's
                                         favorite subject in school : writing
                                         favorite color : Black
                                         favorite Book: Meet Molly
                                         favorite Movie: Sleeping beauty
                                         favorite Television: None
                                         hobbie : Gymnasticis
                                         favorite animal : Horses
                                         favorite insect :Moth
                                         Pets : Dog Cha Cha
                                         Age : 9
                                         Type : my Life As...
                                         Allergies: Penuts
                                         Personality: Loves to help
                                         Sisters : Big sister Leah
                                         Email : None
                                         She Is My 7th Doll
                                         full name: Danielle Angie May
                                         nicknames: Danny
                                         Birthday: April 10th
                                         favorite food: Watermelon
                                         favorite subject in school: Softball
                                         favorite color: White
                                         favorite Book: The Story of a Real Payne
                                         favorite Movie: Lara Croft
                                         favorite television: Chuck
                                         Hobbies: Softball, basketball, Bowling,
                                         favorite animal: Dogs  
                                         favorite insect: Moth
                                         Pets: none
                                         Age: 11
                                         Type: Madame Alexander Varsity Girl
                                         Allergies: None
                                         Personality: little attitude
                                         Sisters: None but she's glad about that
                                         Email : None
                                       she is my 8th doll i got her Christmas                 
                                        full name: Harper Ayla Smith
                                        Nicknames: Harp                                                   
                                        Birthday: May 5th                                
                                        Favorite Food : Porkchops                                     
                                        Favorite subject  In school : Science                         
                                        Favorite color: Baby blue                            
                                        Favorite Book: meet Isabelle                             
                                        Favorite Movie: Tangled                            
                                         Favorite television Show: Phinas & ferb      
                                        Hobbie: Gymnastics                                      
                                        Favorite Animal: cat                                       
                                        Favorite Insect: Beetle                                
                                        pets: Cat Rascal                                       
                                        age: 9                    
                                       Type : Our generation Holiday Harper                  
                                        Allergies : None                                       
                                        Personality: very very shy                                  
                                        Sisters : one Charlotte                                    
                                        email : None
                                                     She is my 9th doll               
                                                    full name: Charlotte Quinn Smith
                                                    Nicknames: Char
                                                    Birthday: February 8th
                                                    Favorite Food : Pancakes
                                                    favorite subject in school :  reading
                                                    favorite color : dark blue
                                                    favorite book : child - craft book  poems of early childhood
                                                    favorite movie : Cars 2
                                                    favorite television show : Phineas & Ferb star wars
                                                    hobbies : cooking, dancing, poem writing
                                                    favorite animal : cat
                                                    favorite insect : butterfly
                                                    pets : cat Rascal
                                                    age : 6
                                                    type : uneed a doll
                                                    allergies : none
                                                    personality : very very active
                                                    sisters : one Harper
                                                    Email : none
                                                    My tenth doll
                                                   full name: Judy Anne Hathaway
                                                   Nicknames: Judy Moody ( when she's Mad )
                                                   Birthday: March 3rd
                                                   Favorite Food: Bananas
                                                   Favorite Subject in school: Math
                                                   Favorite Color: Green
                                                   Favorite Book: Judy Moody
                                                   Favorite Movie: Cars
                                                   Favorite Television Show: None
                                                   Hobbies: Collecting Hello Kitty, Writing
                                                   Favorite Animal: Horse
                                                   Favorite Insect: Beetle
                                                   Pets: None
                                                   Age: 7
                                                  Type: unknown
                                                  Allergies: None
                                                  Personality: Loving, Caring
                                                  Sister's: None
                                                  Email: None
                                                           My Eleventh doll
                                                   Full name: Grace, Taylor, Thomas.
                                                   Nicknames: Ms. Paris
                                                   Birthday: November 27th
                                                   Favorite food: Bagels
                                                   Favorite Subject in school: French
                                                   Favorite Color: Pink & Red
                                                   Favorite Book: The Red pyramid
                                                   Favorite Movie: Saving Mr. Banks
                                                   Favorite song: Thrift Shop Kidz Bop verison0000
                                                   Favorite television Show: Ever After High
                                                   Hobbies: Fashionista, singing,
                                                   Favorite Animal: Kittens
                                                   Favorite Insect: None
                                                   Pets: Dog No name yet
                                                   Age: 10
                                                   Type: GOTY American Girl
                                                   Allergies: none
                                                   Personality: Attitude, nice
                                                   Sisters: None
                                                   Email: None


  1. Your dolls are so cute! They should be glad to have you as their owner or mom idk what you call yourself.

    1. Thanks Fancykr Fashion. They call me like Miss Leah Nay or something.

  2. I love your blog! Could you check out mine? Thanks!

    1. Keira love your blog. I would try to comment but I can't seem to find the spot to type you thoughts. still you blog rocks totally Awesome.

    2. Thanks! That means A LOT! Your blog is totally awesome, too!


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