Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Mystery Princess Part 1

                                               The Mystery Princess part 1

                                                    "Juliet come on were going to be late". Said My best friend Jane.
                                                   "I'm coming" I said while running to catch up with Jane.
While we were walking to school A women came up to us.
 "Pardon Me" She said With a bit of an accent. "Do one of you know a Juliet Andrea Brown".
  I was surprised. She was looking for me. what did she want? I didn't know But I didn't Want to take any chances But then Jane Piped up & Said "she's Juliet Brown If your looking for her". "Yes I am" The lady said "I need you to come with me'. "Why" I said. Why does She want me i thought. "I am a helper of the king" She said. Uh-oh what do i do now I thought. "& I need you to come with me" She said Again. Well I thought better not agrue with a helper of a king even if he's not alive any more. so then I decided I should just go with Her. So I said "All right I'll go with you". "good" She said. So i said goodbye to Jane & went with the lady.
"Come along" she said. & I followed.
                                                       To be continued.....       
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  1. Cool I say keep going want to check out my blog :D

    1. Thanks for voting I'll check it out later KK.

    2. Your blog is awsome. keep it up.


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