Saturday, May 30, 2015

Sorry guys

Yeah sorry guys I mean Girls. I haven't been posting lately I've just been SO busy. plus my grandparents just stayed the night there still here(Sleeping). plus my sister Sadie just turnd one. at five o'clock in the morning. on top of that i'm working on a new page. well gottta go BYE

Monday, May 25, 2015


here's epie 2 spy high. I DO NOT MAKE THESE. who makes these Spy High vids her name is Agmagical13. she is awesome. Please go check her out.        SEE YA

Saturday, May 23, 2015

New header

I just thought that I should maybe just change the header. I just thought it should well have something new. for the new year month whatever well I've been reading Beast'sBelle Over at Never grow up. & they Put there last header in a post so I thought that well I should to.

I don't know

I really don't know what to give away yet. I don't have anything. Can yall give me An idea. The Question post should be if I get any Question By YOU. Then I don't have any VOTES for the photo story series I was going to post A few pictures of the cast today.

Friday, May 22, 2015

My 100th Post

EEEEEEEEEEEE It's my 100th post I can't believe it. this time I am really going to have a give away but I have to find something to day at the store. I am going to have a Question post where YOU ask the Question. Comment the Question & I or one of my family members will answer. Even if it is for one of my dolls.
Plus I am tagging some people. Here's the photo you download if you have been tagged...

I will even tag dolls if you want yours to be a tagged. here are who I am tagging
Here are the Question's
  1. How long have you been Blogging?
  2. Witch historical doll is your favorite?
  3. Witch GOTY is your favorite?
  4. do you like blogging?
  5. How many Dolls do you have that are 18in?
Then tag some other people. but you have to come up with your OWN photo.
Please go check these sites out as well I will tell them that they have been Tagged.
Also If your name is Paige Helms Well I giving a shout out to Ya.

Thursday, May 21, 2015


Okay I'm am going to try to make well a photo series. Called The Mystery Princess. It is about a kingdom witch there King just died & the Queen Had Died too But they secretly had a daughter & found out that they couldn't keep her so they sent her to a orphanage for Girls. where she actually has a great time but then a castle offical comes & says she has to come with him & she finds out that she may be the daughter of the king & Queen But then out of a sudden another Girl says she is The princess. Witch one is she? Will they figure it out? Vote & see if you think I should make it? I'll release it next week some time MAYBE. Well TTYL

here's why

Here's why I did those Q's (here's post 1 & post 2) all of them were... part... of.. Lanie's Real Adventures. so they were doll related subject's. I just wanted to see if any of you all could get the answers. I just really wanted to do that...

Answers to do you know the answer these Q's too

here are the answer's
  1. Yes
  2. Mites, Mealybugs, Aphids
  3.  Yes
  4. They do
  5. There are close's animal reltives

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

do you know the answer to these Q's too

here are the next set of Q's if you can answer them then I'll post the answer TODAY but at least 3 people have to at least try to answer them.
  1. Do you know that Ladybugs eat monarch eggs?
  2. Do you know what else Ladybugs eat?
  3. Did you know that humans have about nine thousand taste buds on there tongues, but rabbits have about seventeen thousand?
  4. Did you know that Indonesia has fish that climbs trees?
  5. Did you know that ninety-seven percent of Orangutans' genes are just the same as ours?
Well that's it for now.

Answers to do you know the answer to these Q's

Here are the answers to do you know the answer to these Q's. there will be more soon.
  1.  yes
  2. Four tons
  3. Paxton
  4. Yes
  5. They are really rare
Well there you guys go. The answers to this post. see if you can remember the answer's. Do you think you can? I know you can.     well        BYE

Monday, May 18, 2015

do you know the answer to these Q's

Hey guys check this out. I have a few  Q's in this post you try to answer them & well see if your right ok here goes...
  1. Did you know that a blue whale's tongue can way as much as an elephant?
  2. do you know how much A blue whale's tongue weighs?
  3. Did you know that the state soil of Massachusetts has a name?
  4. Did you know that the ladybug is the official state insect of Massachustetts?
  5. Did you know that nine spotted Ladybugs are rare?
hope you get them right. I'll post the answer tomoroow.

Friday, May 15, 2015


It.. came...yesturday (taking a deep breath). that's better now what was I going to say ah now i remember. the outfit from AgFan came yesterday I don't have the photos uploaded right now. But as soon as I have them uploaded I'll show em all to ya. Well BYE

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Don't have much time

Hey guys sorry I didn't get a post up yesterday School toke a long time cause nobody was paying atteion then chores toke a loooooooong time. then my brother had a practice game. then today We have this play date sorta thingy were going to the libreay My sister has practice then my brother has a real game tonight. tomorow I have a swim gym lesson at the ymca. I have a softball practice. I'm just so busy. plus I have 2 more dolls to fix for a friend well gotta go get ready to go. one more thing there may not be many post's this week. But I will say when I get the dress from the giveaway. well BYE

Monday, May 11, 2015

I love this Series

I love spy high They are awesome

fixing for a friend Doll 1 Part 2

Hey guys here is the rest of the Pictures of Emily getting fixed up sorry bout the darkness in some of them here goes...
 Her ears were really dirty so they needed a cleaning.
 I put her hair in curlers but they didn't stick in the curls.
 she was in the Ag salon cape.
 she was in a My life salon chair found of facebook.

Thats it for now.   Part 3 will be up later today.            BYE

Fixing for a friend doll 2 part 2

And Part 2
 Here is the first run thought. Sorry but I didn't get a pic of the second.
Here is her hair up front. the best I could have the bangs wouldn't stay down.
Here she is drying.

Well that is what I have plus I found a few more Pics of Emily getting fixed up. they will be next.

Fixing for a friend Doll 2 Part 1

Hey guys here is doll 2. Her name is Lucy. If anybody has any kind of information on her please let me know. Here is how bad of Condition she was in...
 Here is the front.
 The back.
The bangs.

She was in pretty bad Condition but I fixed her up. next part will be in a little while gotta upload the Pics.

It ships out today

Hey guys The package for the giveaway ships out today. I'm just so excited. Well gotta go play Halo : Reach with my Bro & get my sis out of the highchair

Sunday, May 10, 2015


I AM SO EXCITED. I have $102.64. all for Grace. this would be like the 4th AG doll EVER. before all I had was $82.59 Dollars. I got $20.05 dollars By cleaning Half My aunts Car. Why you ask? Well I had to leave before I could finish it. Well BYE FOR NOW.

Happy Mother's day

Happy Mothers Day to all Moms everywhere. I made my Mom Breakfast in bed. and Gave her a CD. Called Classics For Relaxation. I was surprised when I heard it cause I hadn't heard it before. Found it at this thing I was part of I found the Itsy Bittys at the same thing but a few years before it. I hadn't known it but the CD I gave my Mom had Swan Lake on it. Well Gotta Go BYE

Saturday, May 9, 2015

If you could only...

I love you all but I always ask Question's & no one try's to answer I comment on your can't you comment on mine.


today i offical it is the best day EVER. I won a Giveaway. My sister started walking yesterday. & I GOT 108 Page views today. WHOOHOO.

I WON!!!!!!!!! & Good news

EEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHH I WON I WON I WON. Won what you may ask well I won the AGFAN GIVEAWAY. This may not be a big deal to you guys but it is to me. It is the first giveaway I EVER won. It so cool. here is a pic of what I won.
 It is so cute. I am NOT trying to brag. I'm Just surprised & wanted to tell you guys. And the other good news is MY BABY SISTER STARTED WALKING YESTERDAY. You heard right my sister started walking yesterday. the Friday before Mothers day & before her birthday this month. she is so cute well gotta go BYE

Monday, May 4, 2015

May the 4th be with you

Hey every body happy Starwars day to bad i'm not going to watch it to night. well gotta go watch Chuck bye

Saturday, May 2, 2015

what I think about Our Generation Part 3

Here's part 3 *sigh*.
                                             Our Generation 18" Deluxe Doll Outfit - Ruffle Peacoat $17.99
  • This set includes a petty ruffled peacoat, 
  • a shiny beret, 
  • a fuzzy purse, 
  • a pair of tights 
  • and a pair of booties.
                       My Thoughts
To many Sparkles on the Hat. But I Think this would be great for Grace.( Learn more about her in this Post )
                                                        Our Generation Deluxe Outfit - Shall Oui Go? $17.99
  • Our Generation outfit includes a chic gray belted coat
  • a red knit beret with a gray flower on it. 
  • In addition to the delightful doll clothes, which are easy to take on and off, this set also includes black knee-high boots with contrasting red faux fur trim
  • and yellow mittens.
                      My Thoughts
You know what I love this outfit so much that I can't point any thing out that i don't like about it. Plus I think it will really look Beautiful on Grace
                                               Our Generation Deluxe Outfit - Turn on the Brrrrights$17.99
  • a knee-length puffer with a faux fur trimmed hood
  • pretty pink tights 
  • Pair of mittens, 
  • a bright scarf 
  • and pink sequined boots trimmed with bows
                        My Thoughts
This looks Awesome. no flaws no claws.
                                                      Our Generation Deluxe Outfit - Tweed Coat W Fur $17.99
  • Our Generation Deluxe Outfit - Tweed Coat w/ Fur. This cozy and sophisticated ensemble features a beautiful purple coat 
  • with a 4-button closure
  •  and faux fur trim, 
  • a pair of cream leggings,
  •  white and gold glitter-tipped booties 
  • and a pair of plus earmuffs.Fits dolls 18"
                              My thoughts
This is so cute from the fur on the edge to the sparkles on the toes of the shoes. again No flaws No claws. 
                                                        Our Generation Deluxe Outfit A Spot of Rain $17.99
  • Our Generation Deluxe Outfit A Spot of Rain. The adorable multicolor polka dot rain coat
  • with vivid red trim has a matching wide-brim hat, 
  • red galoshes, 
  • and a red handbag
                                   My thoughts
This is cute, again I do not see any thing I don't like. 
                                                        Our Generation Winter Wonder Outfit $17.99
  • stylish pink lacy jacket in the Our Generation Winter Wonder Outfit.
  •  Also included to keep her toasty warm are a pair of knee socks,
  •  a glittering handbag, 
  • an elastic headband and 
  • a pair of shoes 
                            My thoughts
So adorable. No Flaws No Claws.

What I think about the new Beforever Samantha part 3



                                                         Lacy Parasol $22.00
Like other young ladies of her day, Samantha uses this pretty parasol to shade her face from the sun. It’s made of white lace, opens and closes easily, and has a sculpted golden handle that the Samantha doll can really hold.
              My thoughts
She totally stole that from Marie-Grace & Ceclie. Leah (My Doll Leah) wants mean to get this for her so she can use it on Sunny & Rainy days Leah it's to shade ya from the sun. Should I get it for Leah? Tell me what you think in the comments.
                                                        Samantha's Travel Bag Set $28.00
                 When Samantha goes to Piney Point for the summer, she packs for adventure! Like real ones from 1904, her deep-pink suitcase is made of patterned carpet fabric. It has faux-leather handles and a touch-closurchere buckle. And of course, a proper lady always wears her white satin gloves when she goes out.
                                  My thoughts
Well these are cute but how much stuff can you fit in that bag & how long do those gloves last in the hands of a five year old a three year old and a almost 11 months kids. Plus Leah (My doll Leah) wants this for when she goes on a trip. 
Should I get it for Leah(my doll Leah)? Tell me what you think in the comments.


                                                        The Lilac Tunnel: My Journey with Samantha $9.99

What would it be like for a girl to suddenly find herself in Samantha’s world at the start of the 20th century? When she meets Samantha for the first time, Samantha may tuck one leg behind the other and dip into a curtsy, the way girls did a very long time ago. But what other things might girls experience while exploring 1904? In this book, readers can join Samantha on a rustic adventure to her summer home in the mountains, get dressed up and attend a fancy dinner, and discover what life was like as a servant instead of a wealthy young lady. Readers’ journey back in time can take whatever twists and turns they choose, as they select from a variety of excting options in this multiple-ending story.
                             My thoughts
This Sounds pretty neat. 

                         Doll Clothes

                                                        Samantha’s Outfit $36.00
It may not be “proper“ for Samantha to climb trees in her favorite pink dress, but that never stopped her! This authentic 1904 outfit includes:
  • A petal-pink dress with a layer of sheer dotted mesh on top, a lace hem and collar, short puff sleeves, and a burgundy velvet sash
  • Soft white tights
  • Ruffled white bloomers
  • Shiny black Mary Jane shoes
                     My thoughts
Well the dress is cute but if you have Samantha & don't wanna have to get another Samantha just for the dress I think is reasonable. and Lucy would like to have this but I don't think she gonna get it unless I get Samantha and my Samantha doesn't want it.
Do you think I should still Get it for Lucy?

                                                         Samantha's Special Day Dress $32.00

Samantha feels bright and sunny in this airy outfit:
  • A floral-print dress with a pretty lace-trimmed scoop neck, a dropped waist with a pink pleated taffeta sash, and a gathered skirt with more lace trim at the bottom
  •  Soft white stockings
  •  Shiny burgundy shoes with bows on the toes
A pink taffeta hairbow with looped ribbon on the side 
                                    My thoughts
this is SO cute I don't know why but I LOVE this. Lucy wants this and I think this may be coming home with me.
Do you like it?
 Do you think it should come home with me?
                                                         Samantha's Travel Coat & Hat $32.00

This long pink coat is perfect for Samantha’s springtime outings! It has puff sleeves, a deep shawl collar with satin lapels, and three contrasting pink buttons. Her faux-straw hat adds the perfect finishing touch with its pink ribbon and flower accents.
                    My thoughts
I like it but I don't like it and now Leah(I'm not saying it anymore ) wants it so she can use it as a Coat. It will not be coming home with me soon.


                                                        Samantha’s Bicycle $115.00
Samantha is rolling toward adventure on her shiny new bicycle—a gift from Uncle Gard! This set includes:
  • A deep-pink bicycle with white accents and tires, a stamped floral chain guard, and a faux-leather seat
  • A woven basket
  • A pretty bouquet of flowers tied with a satin ribbon for Samantha to carry in the basket
                my thoughts
Well cute but not cute.
                                                         Samantha's Summertime Treats $45.00 
Samantha is ready for a delightful afternoon party! Her celebration will be the sweetest one yet with this set:
  • Colorful faux petits fours to serve on a golden-rimmed plate with a dainty doily
  • Two pink glasses
  • A matching pink vase for holding the flowers that Samantha picked that morning
  • A lacy fan to help her keep cool
  • A pair of napkins 
                                        My thoughts
looks pretty but pink.
                                                       Samantha's Outdoor Serving Set $75.00  
When days are warm in Mount Bedford, Samantha likes to share refreshments outside in the shade. She can serve a treat to her guests on this white serving cart, crafted to look like wicker—just like real ones from Samantha’s era. It has wheels that really turn and a removable tray on top for carrying or setting on a table. The matching white metal chair comes with a pastel striped cushion that ties onto the seat in front for a comfortable place to dine.
                                      My thoughts
The chairs cute but also lot of money for just a chair & cart. 

               Girls Clothes 

                                                         Ribbons & Bows Pajamas & Slippers for Girls $64
Inspired by Samantha’s styles, this blush-pink top has a yoked neck with lace, a trapeze bottom, and a pretty bow in front. Pull-on pants are capri-length with matching lace, ribbon, and bow trim. These quilted satin slippers are soft pink and feature fun, fluffy pom-poms on the toes.
                         My thoughts 


                                                       Samantha™ Doll, Book & Accessories 159.98

Samantha Parkington is kind, generous, and always ready to make a new friend.
                     My Thoughts
You do not need to know 

 Mini Dolls

                                                         Samantha™ Mini Doll & Book $25.00
Samantha mini doll has brown painted eyes and glossy brown curls. Her smooth vinyl limbs are posable. She arrives in a tiny version of Samantha’s authentic 1904 outfit featuring a pink dress with lacy trim and a burgundy velvet sash. Includes a mini abridged version of the book Manners and Mischief 
                                 My Thoughts
The mini will certainly be coming Home with me some time.


                                                         Samantha’s Dog, Jip $22.00
Samantha adores this sweet cocker spaniel dog from the moment she lays eyes on him. Just don’t let him steal her shoes again!
                    My Thoughts
He is very Cute But I already have to Many doll Pets.