Saturday, August 29, 2015

Ideas please

well I'm back (For right now any way) I really haven't had ANY IDEAS any way & on top of that my Mom says we can't use ANY ELECTRONICS during the week. I also want Ideas for basically ANY THING. Please ANY IDEAS WOULD WORK SO PLEASE.

Saturday, August 15, 2015


No I am not going to cancel my break. But over at American girl places she is having a Give away. Go enter NOW SEE YA BYE

A break

Hey guys I've been not wanting to do a post for a while and right now I just want to take a break. plus I'm working on cleaning my room right now & IT IS A PIGS STY RIGHT NOW. & I need to get a little more money for Grace. well SEE YA BYE

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Danielle & the sleeping dress Makeover

  "Caroline I'm tired of playing Pretend" Lucy said. "Yeah I'm bored of pretend right now" said Caroline.
 "Hey Guys" said McKenna popping out of no where". "AH" yelled Caroline & Lucy". "I totally scared you two". "What do you want" Said Lucy. "Well I have an idea & where's Danielle" sleeping".
                                                 40 seconds later
"Get up there It was your idea so you do it" Caroline whispered. Mckenna using her Gymnastics muscles got up there without a ladder (Cause it's broken:(
 "K I'm up here" McKenna Whispered . "okay do it now" Caroline whispered back.  Note: You can see her underwear.
"Okay first to pull off her pants-" Mckenna Whispered.    
                                       "-Then her shirt"
"Okay Caroline go hide those" Mckenna then whispered. 
"Here's the dress" Lucy whispered.
"-There its on" McKenna said".
 McKenna then Hopped of the Bed.
"RUN" McKenna whispered to Lucy.

                                             5 minutes later
"I"m gonna go get a snack" Danielle said.
"WAIT WHAT AM I WEARING GUYS" Danielle yelled.
That's it Hope you like it SEE YA BYE.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Sisterhood blogger award AGAIN

Well I just found out I got Awarded for this TWICE. I got nominated by Eva I forgot where she was from. But then I got nominated Again by Nonna at Mommy's doll club. oh Just go back to my other one & thats where the photo is here are the Questions I got.

1) What’s your favorite thing about being part of the global sisterhood?
Well that I get to have more sisters that like dolls just like me.

2) Why did you start your blog?
I always thought the idea was cool plus I took tons of photos of my dolls all the time.

3) What was your favorite present ever (received or given)?
My second My life doll As... Lucy.

4) What did you want to be when you grew up?
I've always wanted to be a singer.

5) If you could be anything else what would you be (very open ended answers welcome)?
A Fashion Model

6) What’s your favorite story (any media type)?
All of Samantha Storys, NOT BEFOREVER.

7) Beatles or Monkees?
None Cause I've never heard of ether.

8) What store logo from your childhood still makes you smile when you see it?
for some reason Petco I know WEIRD.

9) Who would win in a checkers match, Queen Elizabeth II or The Doctor (from Doctor Who)?
I Don't know. But I think maybe Queen Elizabeth II

10) If you ran a contest on your blog, what would you most like to give away (assuming it cost you nothing)?
Doll hair bows

My Questions
  1.  Which GOTY is your favorite?
  2. What is your Favorite AG Blog
  3. Which is your Favorite TM (Truly Me)?
  4. Favorite BeForever?
  5. Favorite Historical doll BEFORE BEFOREVER?
  6. Favortie TM outfit?
  7. What's the top doll you want? 
  8. What's your Favorite doll in your collection
  9. If you had to pick by Taylor Swift & Rachel Crow Who would you pick?
  10. What's your Favorite doll out of MY Collection
Now who I'm Tagging & just Like Nonna I'm just doing FIVE
  1. Dolls on my mind
  2. The sunshine dollies 2
  3. Nikki Malt
  4. American Girl Place 1234
  5. Doll Diaries
There you go SEE YA BYE

Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Mystery Princess part 4



"OKAY You Carry Are going to be Juliet servant" Someone said. I don't need a servant. But That's what they say Princess have I thought". "Now" Said  a women turning around...
"Oh I didn't know you were right here I'm Mila." Said Mila "This is your servant Girl Carry-"
 She said pointing her finger at the girl in light pink,"-& this is Alison's Servant Girl Annabelle".
"Nice to meet you both". Mila paused for a moment as if she was surprised by something.
Just then Alison & Jasmine Came back from the office.
"Is one of these my Servant Girl or are the both Juliet's".
"No Annabelle's is yours".

Well That's part 4. Hope you like it. Oh & Fridays Craft post Is on Isabelle's collection Home made. & I'm going to need more Ideas for Themes. For the craft If you have one for some special theme name Just tell me.    SEE YA BYE

I Was at a family reuionyin

Okay sorry I haven't been posting. I was at a Family Reunion in Pennsylvania. BUT I GOT A TON OF PHOTOS. I got a few of Leah. Yes I brought my doll Leah with me. I couldn't pick which doll with me so I put some of my doll names in a cup. I put the names of...
  1. McKenna Brooks (I think thats how you spell it)
  2. Lucy Bloom 
  3. Danielle May
  4. Leah Bloom
  5. Harper Smith
That's who I put in there. But I had been debating between Lucy & McKenna But I now wish I brought Lucy cause I have a cousin who looked ALOT Like her. I'll have the next part of     The Mystery Princess. Later TTYL & SEE YA BYE