Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Mystery Princess part 4



"OKAY You Carry Are going to be Juliet servant" Someone said. I don't need a servant. But That's what they say Princess have I thought". "Now" Said  a women turning around...
"Oh I didn't know you were right here I'm Mila." Said Mila "This is your servant Girl Carry-"
 She said pointing her finger at the girl in light pink,"-& this is Alison's Servant Girl Annabelle".
"Nice to meet you both". Mila paused for a moment as if she was surprised by something.
Just then Alison & Jasmine Came back from the office.
"Is one of these my Servant Girl or are the both Juliet's".
"No Annabelle's is yours".

Well That's part 4. Hope you like it. Oh & Fridays Craft post Is on Isabelle's collection Home made. & I'm going to need more Ideas for Themes. For the craft If you have one for some special theme name Just tell me.    SEE YA BYE

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