Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Danielle & the sleeping dress Makeover

  "Caroline I'm tired of playing Pretend" Lucy said. "Yeah I'm bored of pretend right now" said Caroline.
 "Hey Guys" said McKenna popping out of no where". "AH" yelled Caroline & Lucy". "I totally scared you two". "What do you want" Said Lucy. "Well I have an idea & where's Danielle" sleeping".
                                                 40 seconds later
"Get up there It was your idea so you do it" Caroline whispered. Mckenna using her Gymnastics muscles got up there without a ladder (Cause it's broken:(
 "K I'm up here" McKenna Whispered . "okay do it now" Caroline whispered back.  Note: You can see her underwear.
"Okay first to pull off her pants-" Mckenna Whispered.    
                                       "-Then her shirt"
"Okay Caroline go hide those" Mckenna then whispered. 
"Here's the dress" Lucy whispered.
"-There its on" McKenna said".
 McKenna then Hopped of the Bed.
"RUN" McKenna whispered to Lucy.

                                             5 minutes later
"I"m gonna go get a snack" Danielle said.
"WAIT WHAT AM I WEARING GUYS" Danielle yelled.
That's it Hope you like it SEE YA BYE.

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