Thursday, April 30, 2015

Forgot to say

I forgot to say earlier that I am giving a shout out to Fancykr Fashions

fixing for a friend

Hey every one I am fixing up a doll for a friend as said in the title. I am actually going to fix 4 dolls & the first one is a AG doll Emily Bennett retired best friend of Molly McIntyre I forgot how to spell it correctly. I forgot to get a before pic well these will have to do. Well first what happened...
    Emily had been sleeping soundly. Cause she was resting before I restored her.
Mckenna walked in to the room. To talk to Emily. But found her sleeping soundly. Then she woke Emily up cause she needed to talk to her.
She woke her up. Emily at first was kinda scared that there was another doll  in there with her. Mckenna said there was nothing to be a of scared of. Mckenna then told her that it was time for miss Leah (That's what they call me) to restore her. Mckenna told her that she needed to get undressed to for the process. Mckenna Helped her get undressed. But I didn't Take a picture cause that'd be embarrassing. for some on to take a Picture while your getting undressed. Mckenna then gave her a Water proof cape sorta thingie. Emily put it on. and Mckenna told Miss Leah(Me) that she was ready.

I first sprayed her hair with plane water and brush out all the tangles out of her hair.
I Shampooed her hair.
Here is where she is drying right now. Thats it for tonight also sorry for not posting in a while everybody. I've just been really busy lately with Softball & I FINISHED AWANA. well I finished my book & I'M GOING TO CAMP. LYA BYE SEE YA Leah Nay.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

I'm almost done

I'm doing AWANA & i'm almost done with my book all I have to do is Quote 23 Psalms. & I get to go to CAMP. YAY for me well GOTTA GO WORK ON IT.     BBBBYYYYYEEEE

Monday, April 20, 2015

Worst chuck episode EVER

Oh-My-Gosh episode 17 in season 3 WARNING: Lot's of spoilers if you don't know already then I say skip this post. 
The Dad Mr. Bartowski  gets killed By Double agent Daniel Shaw He's part of The Ring and The CIA. Then he had already gotten Sarah Walker and John Casey. Ends up Casey his real name is Alex & he has a daughter and like gives her a key to his locker and ends up she needs Morgan the Geek to unlock it and then the key that Casey gave Alex to then open another locker behind his original Locker that has his like life time saving's. Then Awesome( Devan Woodcome) comes in and says he needs Morgan. then Morgan says to Alex Don't spend it all in one place. this is all I know but I'll tell you all what I know after I watch season 3 Episode 19.   SEE YA Gotta Go watch Chuck BYE BYE PYE

Really want to get her

Hey guys have you seen this post buy me well come look at it click here to see what I'm talking about. I've been trying to get her for a long time, well since the beginning of the year. then after that I'm going to be looking for a doll with ether blue eyes of greenish greyish eyes for 20.00$ to 40.00. for something special which is going to blow you AWAY. but I'm not telling my lips are sealed, and I'm almost done saving up for her. well gota go my dad wats to use it bye

Sunday, April 12, 2015

My Easter day 2

so the next day I brang Lucy with me. when we got there it was time for lunch. at first i had to sit with my brother and my cus Luke. Joey wasn't there cause he was with his other relatives I was bummed. cause I didn't get to see my FAV cus ALL DAY. Then since there was one more seat at the table where the adults sat I got to sit with them and my second FAV Cus.      SARAHLILLY (here's a Pic )
                                                            Isn't she cute.
after that I played around with all my Cus's that were there. soon it was time for an Easter Egg Hunt for the little girls. It was cool. while they were hiding Eggs for us bigger kids (that's me). I was putting M & Ms in Eggs hehe. after the big kids one me and My cus's hid the Eggs for the adult Egg hunt. I asked everyone if they wanted to
participate in it ends up I got all of my Dads siblings to enter I had said no Rules I forgot that there should be rules. AND IT WAS WILD for real it was main reason is. my Dad has 6 siblings and they all participated but not my Mom or Dad did nether my Dad's Parents. end up my Dad's bro and his wife won (the one who opened the foot at dirty Santa). after a while my family went home. THE END for Day 2.  
                                                      SEE YA BYE

What I think about the new beforever Samantha Part 2

Here is Part Two.


                                                         Samantha’s Accessories $24.00
  • A golden locket necklace that she keeps close to her heart
  • A lace headband featuring a pretty two-tone flower with pearly accents at the center
  • A velvet burgundy purse on a golden chain, just in case she walks by Mr. Carruthers’ Candy Shop—or a friend in need
                           My Thoughts
I like the sound of a gold locket from last time they had Samantha. But a pink flower on the head band. What were they thinking? They know that Samantha is a tomboy. Plus Harper would like this.
                                                         Samantha's Painting Set $36.00
  • An easel
  • A pretend paint set
  • A palette
  • A paintbrush
  • Her finished product: a beautiful watercolor painting of a butterfly
                   My Thoughts
This does remind me of the one the last time she came out.
Should I get Samantha's Accessories for Harper? Which Accessories do you like? Tell me in the comments.


                                                         Manners and Mischief: A Samantha Classic 1 $9.99
 Girls can enjoy adventures with Samantha Parkington in this three-book set. They’ll discover what Samantha’s life was like being raised by her wealthy grandmother, and how meeting a friend who’s less fortunate inspires Samantha to give of both her time and her possessions. They’ll join a journey that takes a dangerous turn, and discover how friends can work together to help each other in a scary situation. Then they’ll travel back in time to meet Samantha in an exciting adventure that lets them choose what happens next!
                                    My Thoughts
Also sound like the last SIX books.
Which books sound good to you? Tell me in the comments.

              Doll Clothes

                                                         Samantha’s Frilly Frock $36.00
  • A shimmery satin dress with a fashionable dropped waist and a three-tiered skirt—it’s trimmed with rows of intricate lace and has a dramatic lavender bow on its sash
  • White tights
  • Spiffy lavender boots with bows and pearly buttons
  • A big lavender hairbow
                           My thoughts
WHY PURPLE. But this would also look great on Leah/Lucy.
                                                         Samantha’s Nightgown $24.00
  • A princess-seamed nightie featuring a pretty lace yoke threaded with pink satin ribbon—it’s trimmed with buttons and has a wide ruffle at the bottom
  • Light-pink mule slippers, which have dark-pink trim and fluffy white pom-poms on the toes
                                     My Thoughts
  Why a completely PINK nightgown.
                                                         Samantha’s Holiday Set $64.00
  • A scarlet-and-black plaid taffeta dress with a lace collar and yoke, black velvet sash, and crisp white cuffs
  • Black tights
  • Black velvet boots trimmed with bows
  • A lace hairbow
  • A silver-tone tea tray
  • A ceramic teacup and matching saucer
  • A beautiful teapot with floral accents
  • Samantha’s favorite treats, dainty faux petits fours with holiday icing
                                   My thoughts
This does look like something Samantha would wear. Leah my doll is Begging Me to  get this.
            should I get The Samantha’s Holiday Set for Leah? Which one do like? Tell Me in the Comments


                                                         Samantha's Garden Gazebo $200.00
Samantha loves spending afternoons in this beautiful white gazebo! Its arches are accented with graceful scrollwork designs, and its roof panels can be removed to create a lovely trellis look. Samantha thinks the four hanging fairy lights are positively enchanting! Popular decorations in Samantha’s day, each tiny candleholder has a flickering LED light inside to make it glow like a real candle. Includes a set of paper decorations so girls can change the gazebo with the seasons.
                                     My thoughts 
Looks pretty cool. But that's a lot of money to spend just for a Gazebow.
                                                        Samantha’s Ice Cream Parlor 
Scoop up some scrumptious fun! Fancy, mirror-lined ice cream parlors were popular in 1904—like Tyson’s, the parlor that Samantha visits in New York City. This wonderfully detailed set will inspire hours of imaginative play. It includes:

  • Two beautiful faux-marble counters with pink countertops that provide plenty of workspace; the front counter is for serving customers, while the back counter has an attached mirror with golden details and decorative columns, along with ice cream bins with removable lids

  • A pink faux-marble soda fountain, featuring three shiny fountainheads with levers that really move and a “stained-glass” lamp on top that really lights up
  • Nine scoops of pretend ice cream—chocolate, strawberry, and mint—that can be served in the pair of cones, bowls, or glass cups with shiny cup holders
  • A metal ice cream scooper with a pretend heart-shaped “key” that would have helped twist the ice cream out
  • A pretty pink chair
  • An ornate metal old-time cash register with buttons and a drawer that opens
  • A sign listing menu items
  • A candy jar with a removable lid
  • Two spoons, two lacy napkins, and a menu
  •                  My thoughts
    Still a lot of money.
    What do you like best? Should I try to get on of these. Tell me in the comments.

                                Girls Clothes

                                                            Pink Polka-Dot Dress for Girls $58.00 
    Inspired by the pretty styles of Samantha’s era, this darling sleeveless dress features a sheer layer of dotted mesh over pink fabric and a skinny burgundy belt.  
                                                             Rosy Headband for Girls  $12.00 
    The perfect accent to the Pink Polka-Dot Dress for Girls, this stretchy knit headband features a big, beautiful flower in shades of rose and mauve.
                                        My Thoughts 
                           Tell me what you think about THIS. 


                                                            Samantha™ Doll & Paperback Book $115.00
    Samantha Parkington is kind, generous, and always ready to make a new friend. She has sparkling brown eyes that open and close and long, glossy brown curls. She comes in an authentic 1904 outfit:
    • A petal-pink dress with a layer of sheer dotted mesh on top, a lace hem and collar, short puff sleeves, and a burgundy velvet sash
    • White tights
    • White bloomers
    • Black Mary Jane shoes
    • A burgundy ribbon for her hair
    The 18" Samantha doll has a huggable cloth body, and her movable head and limbs are made of smooth vinyl. Includes the paperback book Manners and Mischief, the first novel-length volume of Samantha’s classic series.
                              My thoughts
    I'll get HER but as soon as she gets here and I do a review she gonna change into something else.
                                      What do you guys think? Tell me in the comments.

    Saturday, April 11, 2015

    What i think about Our Generation Part 2

    Here is part 2 if you want to see part 1. Just click here. On with the show
                                                             Our Generation Deluxe Outfit - Putting on the Glitz
    • Our Generation Deluxe Outfit - Putting on the Glitz. This adorable outfit fits Our Generation Dolls as well as any other 18" doll. Perfect for wearing for parties and special events, this irresistible blue and pink Our Generation outfit includes a delightful blue sleeveless sequined party dress.
    •  with a bow on one shoulder.
    •  a matching scarf. 
    • In addition to the delightful doll clothes, which are easy to take on and off, this set also includes pink tights.
    •  pink and blue ballet flats.
    •  a purse.
    •   pink sparkly hair bows.
                                My thoughts
    I have this dress and again I recommend it. 
                                                            Our Generation Deluxe Outfit Blue Dress with Coral Shrug  $17.99
    • Our Generation Deluxe Outfit Blue Dress with Coral Shrug. This doll outfit is classically cute, with a blue printed dress.
    •  a white Peter Pan collar.
    •  a coral shrug.
    •  a ruffled blue purse with a ribbon accent.
    •  a blue hair ribbon. 
    • coral Mary Jane shoes.
    •  a coral bracelet. She'll love having such an adorable option for dressing up her doll.
                                     My thoughts
    the dress is cute. But why so plaid. 
                                                            Our Generation Deluxe Purple Dress Silver Headband
    • 1 dress. 
    • 1 shrug. 
    • 1 headband. 
    • 1 purse.
    • and 1 pair of shoes
                                   My thoughts
     it looks really cute. But why a giant bow on the hand Purse.
                                                            Our Generation Deluxe Fluffy Dress Outfit $17.99
    Every wardrobe has a silver lining.
    • 1 dress, 
    • 1 cardigan, 
    • 1 collar necklace, 
    • 1 purse 
    • 1 pair of shoes.  
                                   My thoughts
    The Outfit is cute. But the purse totally doesn't match or look like any color that the rest of the outfit has.
    What do ya all think?
                                             Read, Comment, Subscribe
                                            SEE YA Leah Nay

    Caroline's NEW room

    well Caroline did have a room before this but we just changed it today so cute well here is a detailed tour of Caroline's room.
    sorry about the bad lighting sorry about that. there is another poster the one I made in the craft post (Click here to see it) the one with the ship. OK back to the room going left to right.  The pink storage thing is really a jewelry box I got at a yard sale for 2.00. but after a while it broke a bit it still closes but the bottom sticks out. Inside the top part is an Our Generation doll Hair Curler I warn you it does not curl your dolls hair. the second part has a micro Machine racer truck with a number 1 on it. Don't know where it is but there is so posed to be a Mini Isabelle (McDonald's Kind) in there.
    Third Part has little papers with stickers that look like Disney Movie covers for DVDs.
    In the blue container is a Lalaloopsy mini hair brush. On the wall is a Poster with Stickers on it. Now on the Bed the bed is actually a baby blanket folded up to just the right size for a doll bed. with a well I think it is well I don't know what the blanket is well we thought it was a Perfect blanket for her cause it looks like the color of the sea. on top Is a plush Dweebs Thingy even I don't know how to spell his name. beside him is a tray cause she was eating in her room, And on the Right side of the bed is a lot of McDonald's toys. There is a Myrtle the turtle mini Teenie Beanies and a Unicorn I forgot her name. and then there is two a McDonald's heart toy's they work great for doll throw pillows.      
    What do you think? Read Comment Subciscb. feel free to ask Question's. BYE

    How to make a doll Poster

     I bet your surprised huh? Cause this is my very first tutorial ever so lets see how I Did it. Here are the things I used and that you may need to get or use to make it
    • Scissors
    • Paper
    • crayons but you can use markers or even pencils
    • stickers but you need these if you don't want to
    sketch a 3inch by 4inch on a piece of paper. Cut that out and this is what it should look like...
    then design it as you wish.
    this is how my second one looked like. go back to the top to see the first one that one is for Carolines New room.

    Friday, April 10, 2015

    Givaway at Agfan

    There... is another... Giveaway... at Ag fan Click here to go straight to the post.

                                                           ENTER NOW

    Tuesday, April 7, 2015

    Sorry Guys

    Sorry Guys but my Easter day part 2 will have to wait. I HAVEN'T EVEN STARTED THE POST YET. SEE YA

    Sunday, April 5, 2015

    My Easter ( lot of talking not many pictures )

    Hey every one sorry I haven't posted lot of homework. I was Very busy this Easter. OMG I can't believe it I feel so sore. Well I bet your wondering if I brought a doll and it was... Lucy she was in the pink poke a dot dress from og. It was great Saturday (when Passover Begins). My family & my cousin's went to the Plainville Egg hunt. We got Well I mean me I got a lot of Candy and my aunt Becka said the basket I had. Because that day I had Harper in my basket. She said my basket was small and ends up after all the egg hunting. I had a Basket completely FULL of Eggs!!!!!!!!! Afterwards (we had to give back all the eggs) I had a Basket have full of candy. after we gone back home to get my Coat. Cause it was Freezing outside and I forgot a jacket. we went over to my grandparents on my Dads side. We dyed eggs. Me and my FAVORITE cus Jo played around in till we got bored and he got this thing from my sister. It was so cool it was called a travel kit and there were a lot of cool things that we used to play spy's it was so cool. here is my suspect
                                                My Aunt Laura
    It was so cool but after my cus Jo had to leave. these people were my suspects 

    I'll post more tomorrow. (only 4 photos but 1 more for tomorrow.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2015

    Sorry I just have to

    guys I know this has been such a short time but I have to stop My blog. FOOLED YOU FOOLED YOU APRIL FOOLS. Haha got ya there huh well SEE YA NEVER * Giggle*