Thursday, April 30, 2015

fixing for a friend

Hey every one I am fixing up a doll for a friend as said in the title. I am actually going to fix 4 dolls & the first one is a AG doll Emily Bennett retired best friend of Molly McIntyre I forgot how to spell it correctly. I forgot to get a before pic well these will have to do. Well first what happened...
    Emily had been sleeping soundly. Cause she was resting before I restored her.
Mckenna walked in to the room. To talk to Emily. But found her sleeping soundly. Then she woke Emily up cause she needed to talk to her.
She woke her up. Emily at first was kinda scared that there was another doll  in there with her. Mckenna said there was nothing to be a of scared of. Mckenna then told her that it was time for miss Leah (That's what they call me) to restore her. Mckenna told her that she needed to get undressed to for the process. Mckenna Helped her get undressed. But I didn't Take a picture cause that'd be embarrassing. for some on to take a Picture while your getting undressed. Mckenna then gave her a Water proof cape sorta thingie. Emily put it on. and Mckenna told Miss Leah(Me) that she was ready.

I first sprayed her hair with plane water and brush out all the tangles out of her hair.
I Shampooed her hair.
Here is where she is drying right now. Thats it for tonight also sorry for not posting in a while everybody. I've just been really busy lately with Softball & I FINISHED AWANA. well I finished my book & I'M GOING TO CAMP. LYA BYE SEE YA Leah Nay.

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