Sunday, April 12, 2015

My Easter day 2

so the next day I brang Lucy with me. when we got there it was time for lunch. at first i had to sit with my brother and my cus Luke. Joey wasn't there cause he was with his other relatives I was bummed. cause I didn't get to see my FAV cus ALL DAY. Then since there was one more seat at the table where the adults sat I got to sit with them and my second FAV Cus.      SARAHLILLY (here's a Pic )
                                                            Isn't she cute.
after that I played around with all my Cus's that were there. soon it was time for an Easter Egg Hunt for the little girls. It was cool. while they were hiding Eggs for us bigger kids (that's me). I was putting M & Ms in Eggs hehe. after the big kids one me and My cus's hid the Eggs for the adult Egg hunt. I asked everyone if they wanted to
participate in it ends up I got all of my Dads siblings to enter I had said no Rules I forgot that there should be rules. AND IT WAS WILD for real it was main reason is. my Dad has 6 siblings and they all participated but not my Mom or Dad did nether my Dad's Parents. end up my Dad's bro and his wife won (the one who opened the foot at dirty Santa). after a while my family went home. THE END for Day 2.  
                                                      SEE YA BYE


Please no bad words. I do not want people getting mad that some ons said a bad word. plus I do not want any one to stop reading my blog so. please no bad words. Leah