Monday, April 20, 2015

Worst chuck episode EVER

Oh-My-Gosh episode 17 in season 3 WARNING: Lot's of spoilers if you don't know already then I say skip this post. 
The Dad Mr. Bartowski  gets killed By Double agent Daniel Shaw He's part of The Ring and The CIA. Then he had already gotten Sarah Walker and John Casey. Ends up Casey his real name is Alex & he has a daughter and like gives her a key to his locker and ends up she needs Morgan the Geek to unlock it and then the key that Casey gave Alex to then open another locker behind his original Locker that has his like life time saving's. Then Awesome( Devan Woodcome) comes in and says he needs Morgan. then Morgan says to Alex Don't spend it all in one place. this is all I know but I'll tell you all what I know after I watch season 3 Episode 19.   SEE YA Gotta Go watch Chuck BYE BYE PYE

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