Sunday, April 5, 2015

My Easter ( lot of talking not many pictures )

Hey every one sorry I haven't posted lot of homework. I was Very busy this Easter. OMG I can't believe it I feel so sore. Well I bet your wondering if I brought a doll and it was... Lucy she was in the pink poke a dot dress from og. It was great Saturday (when Passover Begins). My family & my cousin's went to the Plainville Egg hunt. We got Well I mean me I got a lot of Candy and my aunt Becka said the basket I had. Because that day I had Harper in my basket. She said my basket was small and ends up after all the egg hunting. I had a Basket completely FULL of Eggs!!!!!!!!! Afterwards (we had to give back all the eggs) I had a Basket have full of candy. after we gone back home to get my Coat. Cause it was Freezing outside and I forgot a jacket. we went over to my grandparents on my Dads side. We dyed eggs. Me and my FAVORITE cus Jo played around in till we got bored and he got this thing from my sister. It was so cool it was called a travel kit and there were a lot of cool things that we used to play spy's it was so cool. here is my suspect
                                            My Aunt Laura
It was so cool but after my cus Jo had to leave. these people were my suspects 

I'll post more tomorrow. (only 4 photos but 1 more for tomorrow.

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