Saturday, April 11, 2015

Caroline's NEW room

well Caroline did have a room before this but we just changed it today so cute well here is a detailed tour of Caroline's room.
sorry about the bad lighting sorry about that. there is another poster the one I made in the craft post (Click here to see it) the one with the ship. OK back to the room going left to right.  The pink storage thing is really a jewelry box I got at a yard sale for 2.00. but after a while it broke a bit it still closes but the bottom sticks out. Inside the top part is an Our Generation doll Hair Curler I warn you it does not curl your dolls hair. the second part has a micro Machine racer truck with a number 1 on it. Don't know where it is but there is so posed to be a Mini Isabelle (McDonald's Kind) in there.
Third Part has little papers with stickers that look like Disney Movie covers for DVDs.
In the blue container is a Lalaloopsy mini hair brush. On the wall is a Poster with Stickers on it. Now on the Bed the bed is actually a baby blanket folded up to just the right size for a doll bed. with a well I think it is well I don't know what the blanket is well we thought it was a Perfect blanket for her cause it looks like the color of the sea. on top Is a plush Dweebs Thingy even I don't know how to spell his name. beside him is a tray cause she was eating in her room, And on the Right side of the bed is a lot of McDonald's toys. There is a Myrtle the turtle mini Teenie Beanies and a Unicorn I forgot her name. and then there is two a McDonald's heart toy's they work great for doll throw pillows.      
What do you think? Read Comment Subciscb. feel free to ask Question's. BYE

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