Saturday, April 11, 2015

What i think about Our Generation Part 2

Here is part 2 if you want to see part 1. Just click here. On with the show
                                                         Our Generation Deluxe Outfit - Putting on the Glitz
  • Our Generation Deluxe Outfit - Putting on the Glitz. This adorable outfit fits Our Generation Dolls as well as any other 18" doll. Perfect for wearing for parties and special events, this irresistible blue and pink Our Generation outfit includes a delightful blue sleeveless sequined party dress.
  •  with a bow on one shoulder.
  •  a matching scarf. 
  • In addition to the delightful doll clothes, which are easy to take on and off, this set also includes pink tights.
  •  pink and blue ballet flats.
  •  a purse.
  •   pink sparkly hair bows.
                            My thoughts
I have this dress and again I recommend it. 
                                                        Our Generation Deluxe Outfit Blue Dress with Coral Shrug  $17.99
  • Our Generation Deluxe Outfit Blue Dress with Coral Shrug. This doll outfit is classically cute, with a blue printed dress.
  •  a white Peter Pan collar.
  •  a coral shrug.
  •  a ruffled blue purse with a ribbon accent.
  •  a blue hair ribbon. 
  • coral Mary Jane shoes.
  •  a coral bracelet. She'll love having such an adorable option for dressing up her doll.
                                 My thoughts
the dress is cute. But why so plaid. 
                                                        Our Generation Deluxe Purple Dress Silver Headband
  • 1 dress. 
  • 1 shrug. 
  • 1 headband. 
  • 1 purse.
  • and 1 pair of shoes
                               My thoughts
 it looks really cute. But why a giant bow on the hand Purse.
                                                        Our Generation Deluxe Fluffy Dress Outfit $17.99
Every wardrobe has a silver lining.
  • 1 dress, 
  • 1 cardigan, 
  • 1 collar necklace, 
  • 1 purse 
  • 1 pair of shoes.  
                               My thoughts
The Outfit is cute. But the purse totally doesn't match or look like any color that the rest of the outfit has.
What do ya all think?
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