18in doll clothes

For my doll Clothes & my sisters Doll Clothes They will Be labeled under whoever Closet they are in.

Our Doll Outfits 

                                                    Macys Elsa dress
                                                      Caroline's Closet

  1. Hair.  White sewing ribbon .
  2. Dress. Elsa dress I think its from Etsy.
  3. Shoes. Silver boots.
                                                        Leah's Meet outfit
                                                           Leah's Closet 

  1. Dress. Purple Neck strap dress
  2. Tights. Silver Sparkle Tights
  3. Shoes. Purple Flats
                                                       OG     Get spotted
                                                      Lucy's Closet
  1. Boa. Boa From Og
  2. Dress. Pink & White Polka dot dress
  3. Gloves. Pink gloves with Bows
  4. Shoes. White Strap
                                               Caroline's meet Outfit
                                                   Caroline's Closet
  1. Dress. Pink Meet dress
  2. Socks. White Socks
  3. Shoes(Not in picture). Pink flats
                                                      City Fashion
                                                  Leah's Closet
  1. Grey tank top with jeweled hearts
  2. Jean skirt with jeweled hearts
  3. silver sparkly jacket

     Mix 'n' Match Doll Clothes

                                                       Lucy Looks Good In Hot Pink Right
    1.       Hat. hot Pink Baby hat.
    2.      Shirt. not known.
    3.      Pants. Zulily Find.



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