Sunday, August 9, 2015

I Was at a family reuionyin

Okay sorry I haven't been posting. I was at a Family Reunion in Pennsylvania. BUT I GOT A TON OF PHOTOS. I got a few of Leah. Yes I brought my doll Leah with me. I couldn't pick which doll with me so I put some of my doll names in a cup. I put the names of...
  1. McKenna Brooks (I think thats how you spell it)
  2. Lucy Bloom 
  3. Danielle May
  4. Leah Bloom
  5. Harper Smith
That's who I put in there. But I had been debating between Lucy & McKenna But I now wish I brought Lucy cause I have a cousin who looked ALOT Like her. I'll have the next part of     The Mystery Princess. Later TTYL & SEE YA BYE

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