Saturday, May 2, 2015

what I think about Our Generation Part 3

Here's part 3 *sigh*.
                                             Our Generation 18" Deluxe Doll Outfit - Ruffle Peacoat $17.99
  • This set includes a petty ruffled peacoat, 
  • a shiny beret, 
  • a fuzzy purse, 
  • a pair of tights 
  • and a pair of booties.
                       My Thoughts
To many Sparkles on the Hat. But I Think this would be great for Grace.( Learn more about her in this Post )
                                                        Our Generation Deluxe Outfit - Shall Oui Go? $17.99
  • Our Generation outfit includes a chic gray belted coat
  • a red knit beret with a gray flower on it. 
  • In addition to the delightful doll clothes, which are easy to take on and off, this set also includes black knee-high boots with contrasting red faux fur trim
  • and yellow mittens.
                      My Thoughts
You know what I love this outfit so much that I can't point any thing out that i don't like about it. Plus I think it will really look Beautiful on Grace
                                               Our Generation Deluxe Outfit - Turn on the Brrrrights$17.99
  • a knee-length puffer with a faux fur trimmed hood
  • pretty pink tights 
  • Pair of mittens, 
  • a bright scarf 
  • and pink sequined boots trimmed with bows
                        My Thoughts
This looks Awesome. no flaws no claws.
                                                      Our Generation Deluxe Outfit - Tweed Coat W Fur $17.99
  • Our Generation Deluxe Outfit - Tweed Coat w/ Fur. This cozy and sophisticated ensemble features a beautiful purple coat 
  • with a 4-button closure
  •  and faux fur trim, 
  • a pair of cream leggings,
  •  white and gold glitter-tipped booties 
  • and a pair of plus earmuffs.Fits dolls 18"
                              My thoughts
This is so cute from the fur on the edge to the sparkles on the toes of the shoes. again No flaws No claws. 
                                                        Our Generation Deluxe Outfit A Spot of Rain $17.99
  • Our Generation Deluxe Outfit A Spot of Rain. The adorable multicolor polka dot rain coat
  • with vivid red trim has a matching wide-brim hat, 
  • red galoshes, 
  • and a red handbag
                                   My thoughts
This is cute, again I do not see any thing I don't like. 
                                                        Our Generation Winter Wonder Outfit $17.99
  • stylish pink lacy jacket in the Our Generation Winter Wonder Outfit.
  •  Also included to keep her toasty warm are a pair of knee socks,
  •  a glittering handbag, 
  • an elastic headband and 
  • a pair of shoes 
                            My thoughts
So adorable. No Flaws No Claws.

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