Tuesday, June 16, 2015

book 2.My Girl 2

                                                          2. My Girl 2
Thirteen-Year-old Vada Sultenfuss is being kicked out of her room because her stepmother, Shelly, is about to have a baby. Her friend Judy's in love with a jerk. And even thought Vada's best friend Thomas J died two years ago, she still misses him. But it's not just the outside world that's changing.Suddenly, Vada's beginning to wonder whether she'd rather write a really good poem---or get a really good kiss.
                                                                         Then Vada gets the chance to visit Uncle Phil in Los Angeles---and maybe find more about her mother, who Died when Vada was born. Her only guide to the sprawling city is a boy with an attitude problem---Nick, her Uncle Phil's almost stepson, who acts like it's pure torture to show her around L.A. But in this strange land of sun and palms, Vada will make some amazing discoveries...

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