Wednesday, June 3, 2015

what I think about Our Generation part 4

                                Our Generation Deluxe Outfit - Velvet Dress w/ Fur Shawl 14.99
  1. This darling ensemble features a deep blue velvet dress with a lavender peeking hem, 
  2. a faux fur shrug with a silk bow, 
  3. a pretty pearl hair clip,
  4.  a sparkly silver purse 
  5. and sweet bowed slippers to tie it all together.
               My thoughts
Just love it. But it does look a LOT Like an AG Christmas holiday Dress. It Totally reminds about it.
                                     Our Generation Deluxe Eyelet Dress Outfit 14.99
  1. 1 dress, 
  2. 1 shrug, 
  3. 1 bag 
  4. and 1 pair of sandals.
        My thoughts
Ribbons on the shoes great Idea NOT. Who wants to have shoes the tie IN THE BACK. Other then that I'm completely fine with the outfit.
                                            Our Generation Deluxe Flowy Dress Outfit 14.99
  1. 1 dress, 
  2. 1 purse, 
  3. 1 pair of shoes, 
  4. 2 flower hair pins 
  5. and 1 faux pearl bracelet.
               My Thoughts
I have to say I just Love it. I love it all. BUT the shoes do not match exactly.
                                    Our Generation Deluxe Outfit - Fleur Ever And Ever 14.99
  1. a floral dress, 
  2. shrug, 
  3. handbag,
  4. 2 Hair claws in pink & Grey 
  5. and fabric shoes.  
                     My thoughts
This is cut. But I really like the detail They put into this outfit . It also looks like the PERFECT dress for Lucy.
                                        Our Generation Deluxe Outfit - Gold Dress w/ Mouse Purse 14.99
  1. This dainty little number features a pretty pearl necklace 
  2. and bracelet, 
  3. a dazzling gold mouse purse,
  4.  glittery pink shoes, 
  5. a gold sparkle dress with a tiered hem
  6. and a smart pink jacket to tie it all together.
                My thoughts
The Dress is TOTALLY Beautiful. The necklace is like well A gold Pearl necklace With a Bracelet the same as the Necklace.
                  Our Generation Deluxe Outfit - Lace Dress 14.99
  1. a purple lace dress with flutter sleeves 
  2. and a white textured shrug. 
  3. purple bow ballet flats 
  4. and a matching leopard print purse
             My thoughts
This is adorable there is a tiny bow on the purse & there may be a flower that you can pick witch one you want to put on. Plus the jacket looks a lot Like the Old MAG dolls from AG had. 
                       Our Generation Deluxe Outfit - Deluxe Outfit - Party Whirl 14.99
  1. a delightful purple sleeveless party dress with a flower at the waist 
  2. and a matching short-sleeve shrug. 
  3. purple velvet ballet flats 
  4. and a classy string of white pearls. 
                      My thoughts
this is just awesome I have been looking for a purple dress like this to ether get for a friend or my self.

Well what do you think? tell me your thoughts in the comments Below. Read Comment Follow.                       BYE

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