Tuesday, March 10, 2015

What I think about the new Bitty Baby Part 2

I know that it was last month when I did it. I was thinking I should maybe do one like once a week what do you think? In till I finish all the Bitty Baby stuff, all right. Now if you don't remember who was who then here.                                          Me : Red
                                      Chris : Orange 
                                   Maisey : Blue
                             Emmaline : Purple
                                     Ok lets get this show on the road. I just love that line from Mulan. Ka lets start with the Bitty Baby Dolls.

 Bitty Babys

                                                              Bitty Baby 4 60$
                                                         I think she is really cute.
                                                         He likes her. LOL
                                                         Nice. Lol
                                                         She likes her Pjs. Lol
                                                         Bitty Baby 5 60$
                                                         Just as cute.
                                                        And her. LOL
                                                         Nice. Lol
                                                         She likes her head. Lol
                                                         Bitty Baby 6 60$
                                                         Not as cute as the others.
                                                         And her. LOL
                                                         Nice. Lol
                                                         And her head. LOL
                                                         Bitty Baby 7 $60
                                                         And her.
                                                         She likes her Pj's.
                                                         She likes her.
                                                         Bitty Baby 8 $60
                                                         And her.
                                                         And her's.
                                                         And Her.
                                                         Bitty Baby 9 $60
                                                         And her.
                                                         And Her's.
                                                         And her.
                                                         Bitty Baby 10 $60
                                                         And her.
                                                         And her's.
                                                         And her.
                                                        Bitty Baby 11 $60
                                                        And Her.
                                                        And her's. What's going on with them?
                                                        And her.
Here are the Girls clothes.

Bitty Baby girls clothes

                                                         Pastel Carousel Outfit for Little Girls  20 - 52$
                                                         Twirly Tiered Outfit for Girls $12 – 60

                                                        Bitty Lambie PJ's & Slippers for Girls $22 – 60

                                                        Cuddly Star Pajamas for Girls $38

                                                         Pretty Picnic Outfit for Girls $22 – 64

                                                         Pretty Picnic Outfit for Girls $22 – 64

                                                         Purple Posies Outfit for Girls $24 – 58

                                                         Sugar & Spice Dress for Girls $48

                                                         Sunny & Sweet Swim Outfit for Girls $14 – 50

                                                         Teatime Outfit for Girls $28 – 88

 Bath stuff

                                                         Duck Bathrobe $18
                                                         I Like it. But Blue & yellow For real. 
                                                         I also think that the other have had enough of saying what they like about this AG at stuff. so for now I'm just doing it.
 And the doll clothes

Bitty Baby Doll Clothes

                                                         Basics Sweet Dots Top for Doll  $10
                                                         I think this would be really cute on violet.
                       Basics Elephant Leggings for Dolls $14 
                         This would too with the Pants up there.
                                                         Fresh Blooms Set  $40 Back ordered until April
                                                         Felicity Would look Really cute In this.
                                                         Prima Ballerina Outfit for Dolls $18 – 44
                                                         Lucy Would look great in this.
                                                         Ribbons & Ruffles Outfit for Dolls $28
                                                          Leah Would love this dress.
                                                         Sparkle Sweetie Set $40
                                                         Again for Felicity.
                                                         Twirly Tiered Dress for Dolls $28
                                                          This would be perfect for Harper.
                                                         Bitty Lambie PJ's for Dolls $26
                                                         These would be Harper's Pjs.
                                                         Tiny Toile Set $40
                                                          Again for Felicity.
                                                         Dotty Coat Set for Dolls $24
                                                         Mix & Match Teatime Set $42
                                                         this would work great this summer with sum of my other doll clothes.
                                                         Little Leopard Snowsuit $28
                                                         For Felicity this winter.
                                                         Pretty Picnic Outfit $26
                                                         Molly would look cute in this.
                                                         Purple Posies Outfit for Dolls $24
                                                         For Molly again.
                                                         Sunny & Sweet Swimsuit for Dolls $26
                                                        For Felicity She really needs a swim suit.
                                                         Sugar & Spice Outfit for Dolls $28
                                                        Ok Lucy would look cute in this.

Ok, thats all we are going to go thought tonight. All photos from American Girl. SEE YA SOON LEAH NAY

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