Friday, March 6, 2015


I LOVE CHUCK. Yeah I love Chuck Bartowski. If you don't Know who he is well just Here is a picture.
                                                  Chuck Bartowski
He Was the Intersect & Kinda still is I've only Just Recently finished Season 2. My Dad Had downloaded all Of them Even to Season 5. Yeah I was A bit Surprised My Self When I had Found out. I think he is a Really Great Actor.

                                                       Sarah walker

 I Just love Her she Is so good at Playing Her Role. I just love the dresses She wears in the series, Even when she wasn't wearing A dress. I Just Love Her ok I know I'm Just going on & on About How much I love Her But this is What I like about Her Ok Here goes She is Kind, Intelligent, She Is Really Good At throwing Knives at targets Or just even A pencil In a Picture Frame, & Talented.
                                                             Ok Moving on.

                                                          John Casey
 He is Pretty Fearful At some Times. When he is Mad oh My Gosh He is mean. You Do not want to know what he says he will. And From time To time He points a gun at Sarah & Chuck. Ok I don't Like him much But he is One of the Main Roles. 

I love'd Chuck. Chuck the Series Not Chuck the Guy. But He Was Pretty Good at His Role. Along with all the other People who play The other Roles I Kinda wish they didn't end. I'll do a post on Each Episode I watch. But just a heads up I finished season 2 last night. all Photos Found on Google Images.        SEE YA Leah BYE

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