Friday, February 27, 2015

what i think about the New Bitty Baby Part 1

Yeah a long headline but says a lot there will also be parts of what some of my sibblings think about it ok first of all we each will have a color that says what we think heres a list
                              Me : red 
                          Chris : orange
                      Maisey : blue
                Emmaline : Purple
 ok lets start with some of the new Bitty accessories ok time to start how about with the bath supplies ok go

                                                                        Bitty 1 60$
                                         Cute. LOL
                                          Pretty nice.
                                          Likes the head. LOL
                                                                  Bitty 2 60$
                                          Cute. LOL
                                          Likes It.
                                          Likes The hair. LOL
                                                                   Bitty 3 60$
                                         Cute. LOL
                                         Doesn't Like The Dark Skin. LOL
                                         the hair. LOL

Bath supplies

                                                            Bitty's bathtub 42$
                                I think it's cute but I have the last one of these which I think is cuter.
                                My brother loves it.
                                Maisey says it reminds her of super why. lol
                                Emmaline says she likes the sprayer. lol again    

                                                                  Bitty's bath set 20$                     
                                          its pretty cute but yellow for real people.
                                          He likes it because its a duck.
                                          that its Yellow & blue. LOL 
                                          she likes the duck & that it comes with fake bottles. LOL again 

Beach supplies

                                                       Beach sun shade 38$
                                          It is cool I'd love one for my self.
                                          He likes Nothing. LOL
                                          That it has flowers & that it's girly ish. LOL
                                          The ruffles & flowers. LOL 

                                                          Beach snack set 20$

                                         I like the food with the bananna & it has a cute sippy cup.
                                         Likes The food. LOL
                                         She Likes thats It's red & Blue. LOL
                                          The sippy cup. LOL

Ok Thats It for now & yes what Most Of My Sibblings thought of the Stuff LOL & yes I know I Used it quite a lot.there is going to be more Parts Cause This isn't. even close to all the cool Bitty Baby stuff. All Photos from American Girl. Thanks For Reading SEE YA Leah Nay.

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