Sunday, November 8, 2015

Dainelles picks

Hey Danielle here Leah is letting me do a post. Well I had been going threw my clothes. Cause Leah had told us all to go through clothes & if we didn't have much to tell her. So I told her & she went on the computer & put a website up. I looked at what website it was Our Generation. She said to look for clothes I liked. So I looked Through the pages & picked my favorite outfits. And I decide to let you Dudes what I picked out. Well here goes nothing...
                         Our Generation Star Player Doll Outfit for $12.99
                          Our Generation Soccer Doll Outfit For $12.99
              Our Generation Deluxe Retro Outfit - Gotta Bowl for $15.99 
                               Minus the shirt

I Did have more but they've gotten rid of them already. Well SEE YA DUDES

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