Friday, November 27, 2015

An unexcpeted vistor - plus new doll

 I had been playing on my phone, Ipod whatever. Yes I was home it was during thanksgiving break.
     I heard a knocking. It was probably  Caroline. there had been switching rooms at this house. And now we dolls were in the old toy room.
 So I set my phone down. Got up.
 and walked over to the door. and opened the door.
 standing there was a girl.
                         "Who are you?" I asked
                         "I'm Grace Thomas." she said and then said "Your new room mate."
    I was surprised Ms.Leah didn't say anything about getting a new doll. But then she hardly ever got new dolls. So I was glad to get someone new.
    I let her in.
     She followed me to the doll area.
When she saw the empty bubble container table she set her things down.
 "You'll be staying here. With me and the others." I said.
"There's more girls?" Grace asked.
    "Yep. Their watching a movie down stairs or something." {Note from Leah: they were in a pile in the corner.}
 "Do you wanna sit." I said pointing at the couch.
 Grace sat down.
"You want a drink or something." I asked.
"Yes" Grace replied.
   I went in the kitchen. Came back with a hot chocolate & sandwich. I handed it to her. Grace gobbled up the sandwich.
 I pulled up the heart cushion chair. We sat their awkwardly.
 A few minutes later Grace got up and walked over to her bag.
 And pulled out a deck of cards and turned towards me with a excited look.
 "Have you played sandwich?" Grace said.
"Nope." I answered
"Sit." she command. So I did.
 Grace split the deck in half and gave me the bigger stack.  she explained the rules.
                 Ace - 4
                 King - 3
                 Queen - 2
                 Jack - 1
   So someone flips their card with out picking or looking at her cards. and if she slips one of the ones above. The other one flips that many and the other gets them all. But if the she flips one of the above the other has to flip that many.
 Grace flipped a queen from the top of her pile. "So you you have two chances to try for a Ace, King, Queen, or Jack, or a slap.
 So I flipped a 7 and a king off my pile.
 Grace slammed her hand down which made a slapping noise and put it on the bottom of her deck.
She explained "When there's a match down one or one on top of the other you slap it. Get it."
"Think so."
She flipped off a Queen. I did as well.
 I slapped it & stuck it in my pile.
 Then it was a 3 - 3.
 We both were after the one. But I got there first.
"Nice reflex's." Grace complemented.
 then it was a 9 - 9. She got that one.
         It changed hands a lot on who was going to win. After a while we stopped we were getting nowhere.
So we sat & drank hot Coco. we talked like old pals.
     "Are you going to empty your bags?" I asked.
     "Sure. I'll show you what I brang." she said.
 Grace brought her bag & suitcase over.
She grabbed her bag.
 & brought out a Polly pocket with a clear plastic bag thingie.
       I must of had a crazy look on my face. Because Grace laughed and said "See through Lunch bag."
       Grace put them back.
 She picked up her suitcase. That said girl of the year all over {Seriously it was.}
& pulled out a T-shirt, a short skirt, & short bowed boots.
 She put her hand in one of her boots.
 & brang out a charm bracelet.
"Nice." I said.
"One of a kind." she said.
"How'd you get it you get it."0
She had a sad sorta look on in her eyes. "A friend gave it to me."
 She took a small box out of her suitcase & stuck her bracelet in there.
                                        We went straight back to talking.
fifty minutes later we heard tons of talking & laughter.
 and everyone pounded in. stopping when they saw Grace.
We jumped up & I introduced Grace. After a while we were all talking and laughing like BFFs.
For some reason I took three different pictures of this. So I decided to let you guys see them.
So yep I got Grace. after so long of saving up for.
Who do you think I should save up for next? I'll have a poll out later well tomorow if you read it tonight.
wait Grace says Hi

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