Thursday, December 31, 2015

Lea The new GOTY and talk about Knock-offs

        Who loves the new GOTY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
                                         I Do NOT. And I have reasons first if you go find the story of Jess & Kanani. Lea here reminds me of Jess & Kanani.
 Kanani                Jess


  Second she looks to much like Marisol here
             I love Grace because she was unique, One of a kind.  Lea's cute But they just recycled different dolls stories & looks to make someone new. If these dolls were alive, I think a major showdown would be needed straight away.
             I would love to see a Girl Of The Year as a singer, that maybe loves to dance to rock. One that comes up with her own songs, & sings them. Maybe gets several friends together, and might do a mix of dancing & singing in a talent show hosted by the school they go to. That would be cute.
            She could be bullied at school, & the bully would probably be a boy. He says he's going to be in the talent show and going to win it. So the girl and her friends go for the talent show with the song & dance the came up with. But then they win & the Bully gets mad & threatens to do something really bad but the Girl finally stands up for herself. The bully gets embarresd & never bullies again.
                    I'm still thinking about this. But that story would be cool in a Girl Of The Year I think. If Ag keeps making almost knock-offs of their other dolls. I'm going to come up with my own. Well I'm going to stop ranting about this right now, But I'm going to figure out more.                                                                       SEE YA

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