Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My Gfits at My house

Yep The Title says It all More Gifts. Now these Gifts are Not From Santa. They Are from Grandparents & 1 Sister & Parents. Now I've Done A lot of talking Time For the Gifts.
                                         The  plaid Party Dress  From AG ( American Girl)
                                 A Jean Jackett To Go With The Plaid Party Dress

                                          Four Dolls
                                         Well The Doll Is From Santa But The Necklace no
                                          Harper Tropical bloom Outfit For Dolls

                                            Harper's Meet Outfit


                                   Get Spotted Retro Outfit From OG
                                   My Best Blue Retro Outfit From Og

                                          Some Thing's For The Bath
                                  My Dad Or Mom Put This In White Elephant Or Was It Dirty Santa Well I Entered A Foot in it. So Funny Wish I could tell you Who Had Open It Well Lets Just Say They Have 2 Kid A Girl & A Boy Both Cousin's & Have A Dog & Who Came Home With It Is My Dad's Oldest Sister So Funny Also She Was try To Get Everyone else To Take It home So Ha ha. Oh Story Time Over.

                          SEE YA LEAH

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