Saturday, January 2, 2016

StarDolls Episode 1 The Three New Jede

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away.........  There was..........


 A man walks into a dark room. "Is there any new Jede yet Salulu?"
No answer.
 "Or will I need to choke it out of you.
              "There are three new to fork yet they do not know." Salulu says.
                                       "Who are they."
                                       "I do not know."
                                      "Gah. I'll just havethe Jede show me."
                                        Storms out.
 "Skylar hurry up." Emily says.

 "All right." Skylar answers.
"My brother won't wait much longer." Sally calls out.
Skylar runs into a boy while rushing.
"I am so sorry." She says.
"That's okay I wasn't looking where I was going." The boy says.
    Skylar runs after her friends. The boy goes Else where.
 "Luke my Jede sensor senses three new to the fork."
 "Has any Jede came to get them yet Odor." Luke says.
 "Nope that's our job."
 "Fine. Where are they now?"
 "Walking home alone."
 "Then lets go get them before Darth Bop."
They both leave.

I hope you guys like this. Just to know this was all their idea.
          SEE YA

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