Sunday, January 3, 2016

StarDolls Episode 2 Three in the Fork

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away........ There was..... 


"That was awesome!" Emily exclaimed.
"Yeah I can't believe Bluebirds won." Sally says.
"I know & Fireball is the best baseball team ever Nobody beats them." Skylar replys.
Odors Jede sensor beeps.
"Luke there they are" Odor points.
"Those girls. They look too old for Jede." Luke answers.
"How old do they look to you Luke?"
"Twelve through thirteen."
"And what is the age group for becoming a Jede?"
"Nine through ten."
"Let's go see how old they are then young Skywalker."
"Oh come on that's a hamburger. Will your please start using my real name please."
"Fine. Skywhopper."
"Thank you."
They walk up to the girls.
"Hello." Odor says. "I am Odor Kenobi & this is Luke Skywhopper."
"Hi I'm Emily Mitten. This is Sally Snowflake & Skylar Star." Emily says.
"Hey I ran into you earlier." Skylar said.
 "Um yeah. Hey have you guys heard of Jede & the fork?" Luke asks.
 "I thought it was the Force."
 "Nah that's a Kitchen utensil. But have you heard about them?"
 "Yeah." The girls say in unison.
 "Well ends up your all Jede."
"That's stupid." Emily Exclaims.
"It isn't." Luke replys.
"Your mad."
She walks off, Sally with her.
"I believe you." Skylar says "But Emily is in charch."
She walks off to.
"Well that went well Whopper." Odor says sarcastically.
"Now their free for Darth Bop. What do I do." says Luke a little nervously.
"Looks like they won't be convinced."
"That one -Skylar was it?- Believed me."
"Yes but she also said Emily was incharch."
"I can't prove anything with you incharch."
"Emily." Skylar calls.
"Yep." She turns around.
"Why didn't you believe Luke?"
"You too?"
"Fine. My father says Jede are bad luck. That means if I was a Jede my dad would have to kill me."
"You guys know that I usualy never talk about my dad?"
"Yeah." Sally & Skylar say together."
"Well he's Darth Bops Admiral."
"Your kidding me." Sally exclaims.
"Nope." Emily answers.
"Lord Bop? I think I found the Jede Sir." Genralish (Gen-ral-ish) Lakeens says.
"How?" Darth Bop answers.
"I just followed the Jede Sir."
"Capture the Jede Genralish."
"Yes Sir."

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