Friday, July 17, 2015

Caroline Dance's to Let's Dance.

Okay Okay here is the video BUT I will not do this to ALL my videos just a few. Here's some stuff I wanna say
                                                                    This is my first EVER You tube video. I just want to jump rp & down. Even thought this video was really my sister Maisey's Idea. But all she wanted to do was pick out the outfit & the song. I on the other hand had to do EVERYTHING & I everything. The photos the clips The editing(That took hours Maybe a day at least) & then EVERYTHING ELSE. But finally it is done I hope you like it BYE


  1. AHHHH THIS IS SO CUTE! This is really good for a first video! You have A LOT of potential to maybe be pretty famous on YouTube! Caroline's a really good singer, too. ;)

    1. Thanks. Yeah uh thats really just CD playing. But I still like to think they are singing too. Check me out on youtube. Watch like subcribe Thanks BYE


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