Monday, July 13, 2015

Disney Tag

Okay. over at never grow up i was looking thought the archives. Cause that's what I do. Before I start reading the most recent post's. And while I was looking thought it I came to a Disney tag. she said that it had mostly gotten around already. So I asked "Can I still do it" & Beast'sBelle said"Sure". So I am doing it now. So I have to pick TEN Disney characters & stick them in a list. hmm... Okay I have them
                                                     1. Aurora
                                                     2. Mulan
                                                     3. rapunzel
                                                     4. tinker belle
                                                     5. Belle
                                                     6. Tiana
                                                     7. Sofia
                                                     8. Elsa (With legs)
                                                     9. Ariel
                                                     10. Anna

Okay Here goes...
        1.  If you had #1 (Aurora) and #7 (Sofia) over for dinner, what would you serve them and how would you entertain them?    I'd give them Lasagna & Sing for I wonder for Aurora & the theme song for Sofia

2.  #6 (Tiana) and #8 (Elsa) are going to sing a duet.  What is the title of the song they will sing? (It can be an actual song or one you make up)  Together (Made up)

3.  #2 (Mulan), #4 (Tinker Belle), and #9 (Ariel) are on a quest.  What is the purpose of their quest, and who is the leader? to find a magic scroll & Mulan is their leader

4.  Who would make a better librarian, #3 (Rapunzel) or #10 (Anna)? Rapunzel

5.  It's the final showdown of a Disney film. #7 (Sofia) has to defeat #4 (Tinker Belle).  How will he/she do it? She will use her amulet

6. #6 (Tiana) is holding a job interview.  The interviewees are #9 (Ariel), #3 (Repunzel), and #8 (Elsa).  What is the job they are interviewing for, and who will get the position?
A Cook & Ariel gets the job

7.  In a sword fight between #1 (Aurora) and #5 (Bell), who would win? Belle

8.  In a musical number, what sort of dance would #10 (Anna) perform while singing?  She would do ballet

9.  Who would make a better babysitter, #5 (Belle) or #2 (Mulan)? Belle She would read them stories .

10.  Once upon a time, in a faraway land, #9 (Ariel) dreamed of a different life than the one she/he had.  Meanwhile, in another part of the land, #7 (Sofia) and #5 (Belle) were imprisoned and trying to escape.  They were in the clutches of the sinister #2 (Mulan), who refused to show any mercy.  

One day, #4 (Tinker Belle) passed by the dungeon where #7 (Sofia) and #5 (Belle) were held captive and heard their cries.  Moved with compassion, he/she vowed to not rest until he/she had done everything in his/her power to rescue them.  With that, #4 (Tinker Belle) rushed off to get help.  

The first people (or characters) #4 (Tinker Belle) came across were #1 (Aurora), #6 (Tiana) and #10 (Anna), who were involved in a street faire.  #4 (Tinker Belle) told the others of the plight of #7 (Sofia) and #5 (Belle), and they were determined to help!  They decided to go to the nearest village to get the supplies they would need for such a rescue.

The nearest village was, of course, the village where #9 (Ariel) lived.  When he/she saw the others so hard at work, #9 (Ariel) asked what they were doing and was told of their quest.  Instantly, #9 (Ariel) broke into a spontaneous song, detailing that this was what he/she had been waiting for all of this time.  Then #9 (Ariel) joined in their rescue effort.

On their way back to the dungeon, they were confronted by #8 (Elsa), who had been hired by the villainous #2 (Mulan) to stop them.  Just when they thought all was lost, 

What happens next? You pick.

Here's my ending 

#3 (Rapunzel) appeared on the horizon on horse back. #3 (Rapunzel) started fighting #8 (Elsa). But #8 (Elsa) won & froze everyone she then locked everyone up. All was lost.

What do you think? Do you think it was all right? If you want to do this then your tagged. Send in your enterie. I'll then put it in a post comment it or Email me at . If you do comment I won't post it cause I will put it in a post. BYE

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