Wednesday, July 15, 2015

What I think about My life part 1

Ok yes I've already started a lot of What I think about post's. But I couldn't resist Their stuff is to cute. So here it is...

My Life As Camping 18" Doll Accessory Set $19.97

  1. Includes tent 
  2. foldable camping chair 
  3. working lantern 
  4. ice chest 
  5. & campfire
                My thoughts
It's adorable really but I kinda like Ag's. Cause I know Ag is great at making doll products. So I like Ag's better (Even .

My Life As 18" Snack Stand $27.97

  1. Colorful snack stand
  2. Cash register with money drawer 
  3. Play money
  4. 2 lemonades
  5. 3 cupcakes
  6. 2 heart cookies
  7. 2 milkshakes 
  8. 1 tray 
  9. 2 plates
  10. 4 napkins
  11. Paper menu
  12. 3 signs
 My thoughts
This is great for Grace. it's less than the Ag snack stand too.

My Life As School Girl 18" Doll, African American $27.97


(There's nothing to include)

          My thoughts 
Super cute. The outfit Adorable. I really like the jacket. I need one my size. one mor thing you can tell the shoes are rubber.

So what do you think bout my new WITA (What I think About) Post's? well see ya BYE

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