Saturday, July 25, 2015

Sisterhood of the world Blogger Award

 Guys I am back from camp. & while I was away I got nominated by Eva over at American Girl Utopia. Thanks Eva. So It says that I am to
Answer 10 questions
Leave 10 questions
Tag 10 people 

So I am going to start by Answering than Tagging(Will not have to use the Tag photo) Than Leaving the Questions. Okay Here Goes...
1. What sports do you play?
 I Play Softball I was going to play Volley Ball But I didn't like it.

2. How many dolls do you have?
 10 including My Bittys & Charlotte & Judy
3. What is your life goal?
    To Get Grace I think.   I really don't understand this Question.
4. When did you start your blog?
     I started on Sunday, November 2, 2014
5. Why did you start your blog?
     Well Cause I loved the thought of a blog. Posting photo storys & Photoshoots. 
6. Favorite hobby?
    I Have more than one Singing, dancing, playing Dolls, & a few more 
7. What is your biggest struggle in life?
     My Friends not believing me alot of the time.
8. Favorite subject in school?
    I have 2 Math & Reading
9. Do you ever regret collecting dolls?
     I sometimes Regret collecting Barbies & polly pockets. They take up TONS of space.

10. What is your favorite doll?
      I don't know if this part of my collection or not in my collection. So I'm just going to say both. My favorite doll in my collection Lucy & My favorite not in my Collection Chrissa.

Okay Now on to tagging people  
1. The sunshine Dolls
2. Dolls on my mind
3. American girl Place 
4. Ag Fan 
5. Happy House of ag 
6. Julies 60's Time capusle
7. treasured friendships with a flair
8. doll things
9. Claras craft corner
10. Little House of american Girl

Now how am I going to tell everyone bout this. Hmm...

Well Here Are the Question
1. Dance or singing 
2. What youtube channel do you like best
3. Grace or Isabelle
4. Saige of Mckenna
5. Aspen Higets of The realm of aragare
6. Felicity or Elizabeth
7. Kit or Ruthie
8. Julie of Ivy
9. Samantha or Nellie 
10. Molly or Emily
Okay I will tell the gals I nominated that I did unless you wanna.    Now I'm gonna head to bed see ya BYE Leah

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